I have been worried about this for a while. And it finally happened...
Please, for the love of God, on the radio calls put the accept button much further away from the get tokens button. I just scrapped a survivor with holy grail traits trying to hit accept. A confirm dialog would be acceptable as well. (i.e. Are you sure you want to scrap this survivor?)
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  • MizTyMizTy Member Posts: 1,335

    & a turn counter ;)
  • FunGamingTrashFunGamingTrash Member Posts: 174
    +2 I agree
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    Wow, that sounds like it stinks. Any chance you got a screenshot? I wonder if support could help somehow.. I'll see if there is something we can do in 2.2 polish.
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  • ccmbarnesccmbarnes Member Posts: 14
    Agreed!!! I've done something similar myself but not with a legendary survivor, you have my sympathy.
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