Confession Box for Outpost Raids



  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    Love the new setup @capibara very nice. Don't go all crazy and homicidal when you get your new coats, I like melons too!
    Honorable mention to @Top8dog who stopped by a few days ago. I've been too busy to say hi recently.
  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,430
    @Kafir if you opened the door with maggie your scout would of been able to make it to the tg and you could of left as friends :-)
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  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,550
    I'm not sure if anyone else is seeing this, but I've found a smaller percentage of crate blockers over the last week or so. Maybe people are getting on board with letting others just come in and grab the TGs. Or, maybe more are happy with their influence level. In any case, I like it. :sunglasses:
  • DoTakDoTak Member Posts: 1,964
    I just made the same comment in my guild chat. Ever since I moved up to gold III to take advantage of the tomato swap, I've noticed much more civilized outposts. Compared to this, the silver tier was like the Wild West :)
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    It's been a rough few days in the mid-4000. I don't understand why, but even 8 hours before cycle end there was a long string of try-hards. Maybe just luck, hope I didn't bump anyone.
    And yes @Kafir they were a good host, sadly, you were an unruly guest. These things happen.
  • VakaliVakali Member Posts: 239
    My crew went in with rubber gloves
  • KafirKafir Member Posts: 101
    @Vakali You must write for Penthouse Forum... :D

  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    Normally not raiding anyone below 500TGs, but when I saw familiar name, I had to. @iozzeg have friendly setup and there was no need to fight his crew for cookies.

  • iozzegiozzeg Member Posts: 158
    edited February 2017
    @Gladi how much was it? I just realised I never thought about that before :) And yes I've been a fan of the free TG option for eveyone, even dropped my rep from 5500+ to 3000+ for more matches
    But anyone willing to try - you are welcome ;)

  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    I'm sorry Josh. I went through the wrong gate and started a fight by accident. Once it got rolling, it played out.
    I've been a bit sloppy lately, I'll tighten things up so it won't happen again. Consolation-2 heavy injuries for my folk. Didn't want you to think your folks weren't doing their jobs.
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    It's training day, @Neil_J
  • nezzanezza Member Posts: 18
    Has anyone visited Neon888? I just popped in and they had 6 fatties waiting for me! Should have taken some pics. This annoyed me, they all had to die.

  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    I confess it was petty revenge. If you are going to kill defenders on the road despite being presented with free and easy TG, better bring your A game at home.
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    Did I just raid you @Pig ? If so awesome, I get to add to my list of forum celebrities visited!
  • PigPig Member Posts: 1,870
    I take you are GrimWalker? If so, then yes you raided me. I'm glad you brought your Scout so things didn't have to get bloody :)

    I find that most of the time when I get attacked it's by scoutless raiding parties.
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  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    Lol, I never attack people who don't block tg. Why ruin a good party with boorish behavior? It's like peeing in the punch bowl.
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,550
    GrimGael said:

    Lol, I never attack people who don't block tg. Why ruin a good party with boorish behavior? It's like peeing in the punch bowl.

    I was wondering why my Kool-Aid was tasting funny after your last visit. :anguished:
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    That's whiskey, Gov, unless you were blocking the tg...
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,550
    edited February 2017
    @SlickRick Why are you not allowing people to grab the crate in one turn? You hiding Stu at your outpost?

  • VakaliVakali Member Posts: 239
    I hate that outpost setup.
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    @Gratefuldead I began my journey at an accelerated pace but I'll saunter. I surmised a pal of the prince of the netherworld is a chum to me...
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,740
    It would be much easier if you folks just took the TG and fled, but thanks for the 32 influence, I suppose.
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  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    edited February 2017
    I'm having the opposite problem. Let me in or bring your A game. I don't swing by for your kackwurst 10 influence points. They won't buy me the equipment I want and I assume you like them more than I. Only you can stop the slaughter.
    Hat tip to @Jaden.
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    Hot Grim-on-Grim action in the outhouse! Thanks for the tradegoods!
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