NG forcing me into Outposts?

Love the game, want to continue my personal pathway to be the best I can be. The recent introduction of the trade shop feature is brilliant; free gold, phones etc. What's not to love??

Well one or two things for me; why are 2 of my options perma-greyed out? Seems to be because they are only outpost related. But I don't want an outpost, and I don't want to be penalised for that decision.

So I'm frustrated. Out of 8 options in the "shop", 1 is free and 2 are outpost related. That means I get 1/3 junk options from what should be a generous, great idea.

It spoils it for me but am I being a bit sensitive?
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    If you don't play outposts, which you aren't forced to play, you wouldn't be able to afford the things they are offering in those grayed out boxes anyway. (Maybe the tokens twice a week instead of 3 times a day)

    2500 for 30 survivor tokens
    12,500 for a legendary item (armor or equipment known)

    If you play outposts and achieve the influence score they require to unlock you'd probably have enough TG's to afford to buy them a few times over if you wanted to.

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    Thanks @Kaiser. I had Previously felt pressured into outpost by NGs approach and hadn't really though about it as an opportunity.

    I'm circling the outpost idea, but am "dithering"; don't know why.

    Your reply has helped me resolve to build one!

    @DLich - I'm miles away from any offer; approx about 1/3 of what is needed. I don't want to expose myself (so to speak) to outpost and all it entails, but, as above, if it improves game play and enjoyment it seems like an important thing too.

    Thanks for the advice!
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    What's the worse that can happen? You'll lose Influence Points! That's it!! So if you don't like it.. it won't be a real loss!
    If you love NML.. I think you'll enjoy Outposts as they are now.. atleast in the beginning, for sure!!
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  • ricktadaricktada Member Posts: 111
    Thanks @rgerkman.

    I'm British = Overly cautious, always expect the worse. Risk averse. It's a cultural thing.

    Comments, confidence and help like that provided in this forum are brilliant though. Really grateful for what you said...I need to just give it a go! Which I will.
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    You can't withdraw once you build, it's a one way trip. Also, there's no penalty now. But there's no guarantee that NG won't change foundational mechanics, it's their game. If you're going to do it, now's the time though. Unless you are a superstar, the reduced TG to upgrade your defensive walkers currently on the table will be something you shouldn't miss. You have a few days.
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    I'm also British - yes, there are a few of us on here - and I've been playing the game pretty much since it started. I'll suggest that you establish an Outpost. They are generally great fun - of course you do get the odd person with a boring, predictable nigh-on impenetrable defence, but you can easily skip them and have fun fighting people who actually want to play the game and make it fun.
    Go for it matey! ;)
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    @Japes87 close...the best thing they could do for outposts is make survivor healing COMPLETELY SEPARATE from the rest of the game. This is not some obscure concept. Galaxy of Heroes has this built into every feature of it's game. Your team's status effects/health is completely related to that section of the game and is unnaffected by any other part of the game.
    I have been one of the most vocal outpost haters since the beginning. I got annoyed because of the crappy way they handled beta. Then the matchmaking and fuel costs sucked. Then for a few days it was awesome when we got good rewards. Then they killed it again. Now it doesnt TOTALLY suck but it still isnt great. Sure i can raid people and steal their tg...but unless they arent using rural field maps i am probably gonna take damage in the process. The healing time is ridiculous and i need those survivors for things OTHER than outposts. If it was a seperate healing system that did not preclude your survivors from playing the rest of the game then outposts would be 100% playable right now.
    I have moved from 1500 influence to 3000+ in the past few weeks trying to give outposts a fair chance with these "improvements". A lot of the changes have been good. Not losing tg. Getting all the tg from the crate only. But everyone is moving to maps where it takes 2 moves even with a scout to get to the tg. Which means injuries even with super 60% dodgers that ng is supposedly gonna nerf soon. At 400ish tg per raid it is not worth 3 hours of incapacitated survivors. It is still broken and it still makes me mad every time i play it.
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    Definitely agree that injuries obtained in an Outpost raid should apply to further raiding only - unless the hospital time is drastically reduced.
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    Since 2.1 I started to play outpost again
    I have gotten a boatload of great gear, lots of tokens and free gold

    What's not to like about that?

    I now enjoy outpost raids again
    It's just one more aspect of the game

    Challenges are great but horribly boring doing the same maps over and over in a grind mode
    Episodes are great while they are available
    Side missions are great for cans, xp and gear

    So Outpost just gives you one more option to break up your game
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