Outpost | getting additional 1AP although 2AP already used.

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It happened to me 2 times, but as I always play 2x it was so fast that I can't exactly recall what really happened.

I try to explain:

a) I try to move a scout 2AP to a place. I have done this 100 times and I know that it will costs 2AP. It also has shown that this will costs 2AP.
b) On the way there was a enemy defender(bruiser). I think he was in overwatch but can't tell exactly.
c) On my way passing the enemy defender he did something, it looks like he either did not hit me, or I dodged the attack (can't tell exactly).
d) My scout arrives the final destination but suddenly still has 1AP left which is good enough to reach the TG box.
e) It happened on RF3 Maps where people try to put bruiser in the lower right corner.

Remember to use your charge abilities
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