Customize Survivors

Ladies and gentlemen, I was thinking of having an option to customize our survivors. I'm not saying to customize them like the Sims freeplay but I would like to have some options on different clothing. I got a little uspet on seeing the same survivors throughout the whole game play. I was really looking forward to new survivors. I love the heroes and again these don't have an option to change their outfit.

By having the option to customize our survivors our team will look very different and unique from others. Again, the game does offer options on Instagram and Facebook to post their best survivor. This way players can get very creative with their survivors. This will make the game a little more interesting.


  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    Not a fan. I personally really enjoy the feature of 'take what you get' mentality that comes with receiving new survivors. This makes one of the unique things of this game what I enjoy so much.
  • Triple_ThreatTriple_Threat Member Posts: 24
    @GreySeer, Right, you take what you get. I'm saying that we should have an option to change our survivor's clothing without having to buy an outfit. I don't mind having the same character but it would be nice to distinguish my survivors from yours.

    In the show Rick grows a beard and shaves when he arrives at Alexandria. This shows how our survivors can look a little better once they arrive at our camp ground.
  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    @Triple_Threat I get what you mean :) I just don't support it. It would make the game less interesting to me.
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