2.2 Update Notes

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2.2 Update Notes

- New Mission Hub:
     - Players looking for missions to play will find all of the game's content available from one central screen, called the Mission Hub.
     - You can see the rewards, status, and completion progress of all different types of missions here.
     - New Season 7 Missions are easy to find - check them out!

- Season 7 Missions:
     - Every week, a new Season 7 Mission will be unlocked for you to play across a variety of difficulties. These Season 7 Missions are designed to match the plot of the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, almost as if they are deleted scenes available for you to play out for yourself!
       - Normal Mode: Play with a team of Heroes preselected for the mission, and complete a challenge suitable for players brand-new to the game.
           - Collect Tokens for a new Hero by completing these Missions!
       - Hard Mode: Using the special Hero Team, face off against a tougher version of the Season 7 Mission.
           - Collect tokens for a different Hero character each week!
       - Trial Mode: Using your own heroes, push yourself to the limit by attempting the Season 7 Mission repeatedly, each time with a higher difficulty.
           - In the early stages of the Trial mode, Supplies and XP are awarded to brave players who complete the Season 7 Mission.
           - Phone rewards are available here for those players who can make it through the toughest versions of the Season 7 Mission!
     - Featured Trial Bonus: If you can complete the Trial version of each week's Season 7 Mission before the next Season 7 Mission is unlocked, you will earn a large bonus reward of Hero Tokens. Can you handle the pressure?
     - Season 7 Missions can be found on the new Mission Hub screen, and will be unlocked shortly after the premiere of each week's new episode of the Walking Dead TV Show.

- Season 7 Live Events:
     - Each week, you'll find many aspects of the game have been altered to match the feel of the newest episode of The Walking Dead:
         - A special Radio Call is available each week with a bonus chance to grant Hero or Class Tokens that match one of that episode's characters.
         - All Heroes and Survivors of one class get a special bonus effect, like extra damage in combat.
         - Trade Good Shop specials and Limited-time Bundles are available that focus on one class of Survivor.
     - Look out for some new live events throughout the course of Season 7. There are many new dangers and surprises awaiting you!

- Heroes
     - Heroes are now easier to find in the Team Selection and Survivor menus.
     - Heroes that require more tokens to unlock will now be unlocked at a higher rarity.
         - Heroes that you have unlocked before this update will be upgraded to the new starting rarity, and any Tokens you have spent on those Heroes to get to the new starting rarity will be applied to your Hero automatically. If there wasn't enough tokens for a trait upgrade or a promotion, the tokens will be available for the Hero in question in your Heroes menu.

- Outpost
     - These can be found on the new Mission Hub screen.
     - Several Outpost maps have been adjusted.
     - Players will now face a minimum of 6 defensive walkers during Outpost raids. Charge up your special attacks!
     - Healing times for Heroes & Survivors injured in Outpost raids have been reduced.

- Exploration Missions
     - These have been renamed 'Scavenge' missions and are accessible from the new Mission Hub screen.
     - Players can now select between Normal and Hard difficulty when playing these Missions.
         - Hard Scavenge missions include walkers and rewards that are more difficult than the normal missions. Higher risks come with higher rewards!

- Camp & Resources
     - Council Level 19 is now available, along with upgrades to the Mission Car, Workshop, Training Grounds, and Radio Tent buildings.
     - XP Tents now permanently give twice as much XP as before! Mid-level players can also collect XP for longer periods with their Tents. Happy Upgrading!
     - Weapon Upgrade Times for high-level weapons have been reduced.
     - Scavenge Mission Gas Costs have been reduced for mid-game players.
     - Challenge Mission Gas Costs have been reduced for high-difficulty Challenge missions.

- Other UI Changes:
     - The speed of the animation for opening reward crates has been increased.
     - Polls and Quizzes will be featured in the Player Hub news posts.
     - The Google Play Achievements button for Android players has been moved to the Achievements tab of the Quests & Achievements Menu.

- General Improvements:
     - More notifications to alert you to new free gifts and event times.
     - No longer receive Gas as a reward while under the effect of a Gas Booster.
     - Combat speed setting is saved between missions.
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