Combat Rebalancing in 2.2

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Combat Rebalancing in 2.2

- Traits: Several traits have been adjusted in order to increase the number of viable survivor and equipment combinations.

       - Stunned or Struggling Survivors can no longer Dodge incoming attacks.
       - Dodge is now calculated more fairly when a Survivor and their Armor both possess the Dodge trait.
         - Survivors with only one source of the Dodge trait will not see a change to their chances to Dodge.
         - When a Survivor and their Armor both possess the Dodge trait, both traits will contribute their full values.
         - For example, a Survivor with 10% Dodge who is wearing armor that gives 5% Dodge will have a total of 15% chance to dodge incoming non-ranged attacks.

       - The Lucky trait now increases the chance that other percentage-based traits will take effect by the listed amount.
           - If a Survivor and their Weapon both possess the Lucky trait, both traits will contribute their full values.
           - For example, if a Survivor has Threat Reduction at 75% and also has a total of 20% Luck from their survivor and weapon traits, the total chance for Threat Reduction is 90%.
           In this example, .75 [base chance] times 1.20 [20% luck bonus] = .90, or a total chance of 90%.

       - The Interruptor trait now has no effect when the result of the attack is a Body Shot.

- Bulletproof no longer has a bug that causes the owner's attacks to result in Body Shots more often.

- The Wrestler trait has been changed; at the start of each of the player's turns, the Survivor with Wrestler has a chance to instantly kill the walker they are struggling against.

- Daryl's Silent Shot Leader trait now also gives an increased chance of Critical Hits to Survivors on Daryl's team who use ranged attacks.

- Concussion has been adjusted. The chance for the extra turn of stun is based on the level of the Concussion trait.

- Gold-Level Large Caliber has been changed from 0.6 extra width to 0.5.

- Several sources of Damage Reduction now combine in such a way that total immunity to damage is no longer possible. This includes Damage Reduction from Cover, Traits, and buffs.
       - For example, a character taking 100 damage from an incoming attack who has Iron Skin at 10% and is benefitting from cover will now take 45 damage.
       In this example, 100 times .9 [-10% for Iron Skin] times .5 [-50% for cover] = 45.

- Critical Hits are more accurate: When an attacker would get a Critical Hit in the same action that the target would Dodge the attack, the result of the attack will be a normal, non-Critical hit.

- Raider, Savior, and Freemen enemies in Story, Challenge, and Season 7 Missions are much more durable and tougher than before.

- The Scout 1-handed weapon's Charge Attack Brain Stab has been improved. It now deals approximately 180% of normal damage.
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