Update 2.2 Discussion Thread (Combat Rebalancing)

Share your thoughts on the changes to combat made in update 2.2.

Combat Rebalancing in 2.2.


  • 8900rpm8900rpm Member Posts: 120
    Can you clarify;

    "The Interruptor trait now has no effect when the result of the attack is a Body Shot."
  • BerndErwinBerndErwin Member Posts: 69
    It means that It is no longer possible to interrupt high level opponents where almost every Time bodyshots occur
  • DangerBDangerB Member Posts: 231
    Love that, hope it helps curb Challenge farming
  • 8900rpm8900rpm Member Posts: 120
    So, when does the opponent actually get interrupted?
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,579
    @8900rpm If the "roll" of your Interrupt attack is a normal attack, as opposed to a body shot. A body shot roll would result in no interruption.
  • kryptonixkryptonix Member Posts: 253
    @Teeceezy Any survivor traits updated?
  • PR0DJPR0DJ Member Posts: 834
    Better make it "not stack". At least we can have 15% or so.
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  • 8900rpm8900rpm Member Posts: 120
    I thought interrupt only worked in overwatch mode, I did not think you could have a critical hit on overwatch....
  • snafusnafu Member Posts: 227
    Just found out the changes with interruptor the hard way: Glenn with 80% interruptor and 25% luck took a single hit from 23lvl walker and got hospitalized for 2,5 hours.
  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    Did all melee forces just become irrelevant?
    Enemies below my lvl can be easily killed with ranged forces. At or above my lvl is where melee shines imho.
    This appears to be a drastic change, or am I misunderstanding something here?
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  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,579
    @snafu Yup, as body shots happen way more when facing higher level walkers, interrupt is less likely to happen in these situations.
  • snafusnafu Member Posts: 227
    The damage part I don't understand, previously even critical hit from lvl23 didn't cause that much damage. Armor had gold wrestler and it looked like a struggle but it was instantly over with the "Saved" message.
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,073
    edited October 2016
    Bye bye Swift strike, It was nice while it lasted..

    Max 20% is not worth it imo
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    @Snafu the wrestler trait is changed, read up in the other thread.
  • srmcn1031srmcn1031 Member Posts: 565
    @harudsgn I just asked the same thing. Look up a couple spots. Still waiting for an answer. Totally upset at that.
  • drinkydrinky Member Posts: 414
    edited October 2016
    i assume interrupt nerf is related to stop exploitable missions. as has making raiders tougher.

    i also wander if Luck always worked this way. and this the first time weve actually been told exactly how it will work, in past we were just told i think it stacked with other traits,? as id had many occasions in past where i had a gun with 80% interrupt, and 20% luck on weapon and survivor and interrupt failed..
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  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    edited October 2016
    For example, if a Survivor has Threat Reduction at 75% and also has a total of 20% Luck from their survivor and weapon traits, the total chance for Threat Reduction is 90%.
    In this example, .75 [base chance] times 1.20 [20% luck bonus] = .90, or a total chance of 90%.

    Why not 95%?? 75+20=95 isn't it?
    or 20% =1.20 as 30=1.30?
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  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,562
    @Amiga that's the old way...

    20% of 75% is 7.5+7.5=15....

    75% + 15% = 90% now

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