Update 2.2 Discussion Thread (Combat Rebalancing)



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    bla bla, damn, #!$%!!ZZZ , nerf, bla, complain, etc. bla, how can you, unbelievable. bla bla bla.

    Why is there no popcorn smiley ?

    It is as it is, there is no worth in it to complain or upset or starting a crawl.

    Take it or leave it.
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    @GrimGael Yes, I read about the change. My point is that it wasn't instant heavy injury from a single hit before the update.
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    @DCNats for your own piece of mind follow the process of lodging a support claim. If no joy then lodge a refund claim with Google. If all else fails, talk to your bank. Chargebacks are always an option.
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    That is a better analogy
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    Teeceezy Edit: No solicitation. Please read the rules @Ovidmikel.
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    Everyone else, keep it on topic (meaning the combat rebalancing - not refund applications).
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    Solicitation I'm giving the account away
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    Use another platform than this forum
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    Give it away somewhere else. This thread nor forum is the place for it.
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    So @Teeceezy can you help us understand your reasoning behind the interrupt change? I don't recall you guys bringing up this possibility in the forums before the update like you did with some of the other changes.
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    Gotcha good
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    Oh they dropped hints about the interrupt when they said they were looking at ways to end repeatable missions. It's just no one saw that coming as no logical person would arrive at the summary that a good way to end repeatable missions would be through ending interrupt. People even suggested it as they said what if traits specifically dodge decreased as walker level increased and asked for it in multiple places. Little did they know this line of thought would be applied to interrupt of all things. Careful what you wish for.
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    @Teeceezy has swift strike also been changed ? i thought gold swift was 20% before now showing 15% ? i only checked because the way you changed how luck stacks i was expecting things like silent or swift to actually possibly increase certainly not decrease!
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    @OneLessTitan i could not agree more or have said it better. I thought NGs "learned" from their mistakes in 2.0. More than that, after the guild council and countless posts, i thought they knew what most players want and that they actually cared about all that. Seems i was way off....
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