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    Dodkong said:

    The only reason I can gather based upon responses in the two 2.2 threads is that NG does not want to see a base 100% chance of anything occurring. That we, as players, must be slaves to the RNG. For some things, sure, I can see that. For everything, that isn't Luck adjusted, it makes me question why I would play a game in which a large majority of the abilities I wish to use are not guaranteed to work.
    @Shteevie .

    That's where a slow reduction of the effectiveness helps.
    Have things gradual that allows us to compete. And at each level above it gets a little harder.

    And its also not a 2way street.
    A level 1 tank can stun any level survivor 100% of the time
    A survivor can only stun to +4.

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    It's simple they nerfed us so bad that beatimg the TRIAL 7 day missions are impossible so the only way to get NEGAN TOKENS is to BUY THEM they banking on everyone wNting to unlock NEGAN so bad that when you c
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    2+2= 169
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    Blame it all on my roots I showed up and boots and RUINED and made it a REDNECK AFFAIR LMAO
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    The nerf to interrupt has really messed up my mission farming. I have to come up with some new strategies, but I don't think I can make up for the lost XP. The game just got harder to make progress in even with the upgrade to the XP tents... :scream:
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    Based on the limits of the meme generator, I placed copy where it fit on the photo.
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    And yet it's just so darn tooting spot on
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    And how do you complete those latest episodes on nightmare mode without Interupt?.
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    @MizTy love that meme back there. Love where interrupt was placed (; since it seems to be the biggest 'Nerf' I wonder if @jester has some inside info on Sundays show?

    I don't know. Maybe its maggie.
    At least interrupt still works most of the time. Against Normal & Tank walkers, up to +3.
    Luck now only works the amount of times its boosting. If it's boosting 50%, it will only work 50% of time.
    If it 10%, it only works 10% of the time.

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    2 kinds of people plus we LabRats ;)
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    A few pages earlier someone asked how the Interrupt nerf affects midlevel players. I'm PL 37 and in my guild everyone is 23-43 so I asked around how they feel about it.

    No one ever uses Interrupt. Most don't even know what it does alltogether. I know a sample of 20 players isn't accurate, but it does give a little insight.

    We're still at levels that upgrading gear isn't always beneficial in the long run. Most upgrade gear for gold/silver bore, luck and wide arc. Those traits that give immediate effect on completing maps.

    I don't want to jump to conclusions and say that Interrupt is pretty much useless for low to midlevel players. But I do get that impression.
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    Personally I don't see the reason to grab XXXX stars during challenge. Rewards from the crates are the same for RL 23 or 30. Just hit RL +5 above your and try Outpost or " other " things - yeah they promised to keep us busy ;))
    So yes, I don't mind to not interrupt walkers +5 above us. The same should work with dodge ability.
    Ond yes - my whole team is builded on interrupt and dodge.
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    @Amiga Good for you then
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    Yeah shame that's impossible to pleased everybody ;((
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    @Shteevie now im fully happy with the aims of the re balancing stopping repeatable is honorable. And outposts are much more fun to play with the changes and preventing NEO like dodges, the R3 map still broken btw, i believe in case you hadnt figured it out, is if the owner hasnt altered the position of there survivors after you changed the layout, then the map stays broken if they have been in and re positioned behind the new cover, then the map works as intended.

    However that was more a by the by.

    the interrupt change and the nerfs generally was obvious that it was coming, given the reluctance to release full patch notes till it went live. and fair enough, but the problem with how you delivered the luck change and the impact on multiple strategies not just dodge is the impact.

    Main issues are with things like swift strike the luck additive to that now is a max of 19.5% and i think thats just too low to make it viable, and think thats the comments out there.

    i think if you were planning on changing how lucks add's you could of given something back.

    For example increase gold luck to 20 (higher would been better) not 15. it would of increased max dodge to 42 % not much more but an increase all the same. and would been easier to swallow for some people

    also look at increasing the gold value of swift strike to say 20 or 25, as would help make it viable again with the luck addition so much less.

    same for charging possibly and other normal traits that were seen as ok at current values when stacked with luck.

    A base increase to some those traits to cover the loss of luck would of seen i think a better reaction from most people. as would of the increase to the luck trait. as having a second luck of 15, effectively adding only 4.5% does seem to low.

    just ideas ;)
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    I'm not here to be well liked by all players lol ;) I just write my opinion like everyone can. That's how forum works. I didn't comment your post strictly but whole interrupt function. BTW it's official thread about combat balance and every comment is more than welcome. Even if somebody like it. Isn't it @Teeceezy?
    If you think that only I complain about exploration maps then check again this forum.
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    @Amiga I kind of feel once again you have marginalized other players opinions. I'm used to it so I'm not going to complain except that it's not about being oh well you don't like the change oh well you can't please every. It's about pleasing the majority or close to it. From what I've seen so far, more players are unhappy than happy and that's not good on any level, for players or for the company. You may want the game tailor fit for you but that's not a realistic goal. It has to appeal to a wide variety of people.
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