100% interrupt not always interrupting

tallinietallinie Member Posts: 381
In "hard" exploration mission, my hunter with golden interrupt (100%) was guarding and shot approaching 21 lvl walker but was not able to stop it but it kept coming and hit my hunter. This only happened once but maybe interrupt chance in 2.2 is no longer 100% (+ luck) but something else...


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    Welcome in the update 2.2 world...
    Interrupt no longer works with bodyshots
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    Yup, this one is by design. Interrupt will no longer work with body shots, which is the norm for anything over 2 levels.
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  • HaiyanHaiyan Member Posts: 156
    Then they'd better update the description of that trait to avoid confusion. Should say "100% interrupt unless you get a body shot"
  • tallinietallinie Member Posts: 381
    Ahan they nerfed the interrupt trait. Im so glad I didnt actually pay for these weapons with now close to useless interrupt trait. Need to look jnto release notes what else has been nerfed...
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    @Haiyan the description is updated
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  • tallinietallinie Member Posts: 381
    I suppose they should disable assault's stun of body shotted enemies as well.
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