NGs like pain?

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Well I like quite a few things in this update. I do like the missions interface, getting to raise survivors to 20, new hero/character (if it is Negan, he is really a hero?), those special missions related to the actual show, all good stuff. Oh and the play speed, also very nice.

We are coming from a rocky period in which many refused to pay a cent on this game and so many were disappointed about the game. I think that is pretty much common knowledge. I think 2.1 was a good first step in the right direction from NGs but now... Screw up Interrupt? Really? I mean we knew about Luck/Dodge, at least that it was being revised and not for better, but now this? And Concussion, as if Bruisers are OP? And Bore as if Hunters have not been nerfed enough? Come on... All balancing from NGs seems to be equal to nerfing what is strong, never making stronger the things perceived as worse.

I won't even go and talk about Outposts, for I don't usually play them anyways, but man... I just don't know what to say, I really don't. I do realize that several of the good things about 2.2 are still to come and have to wait a few days because of the show's schedule, but did you really need to do this? Hard missions that provide the same rewards as normal? Normal missions for L21 survivors when you have max 20 survivors to play NORMAL missions?

It pains me to write this. I was really routing for you guys, specially @Shteevie who has been awesome interacting with the community. But hey, that does not erase what you did here. This is just an opinion of course, and I am not even saying i will stop playing or anything like that. But I have to recognize I am quite disappointed at this stage...


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    No comments or replies. Besides the few likes, nobody else feels similar? Well ok, do not mind being in the minority, hehe
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    There are 5 new slots coming soon, so there's room for Eugene and Negan

    So far so good raiding outpost for me today. I raid for tg's only and leave

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    Hating the harder scavenge missions so far. I've completed 10 of the gear missions at 7 gallons a pop. I've gotten ONE gold crate out of 63 crates. I opened it, and it was Rare Bruiser armor that didn't even have luck. Color me unimpressed overall.
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    I'm normally pretty pessimistic but you people seem to be picky as helll. It's very easy to see the negative aspects and overlook all the positive ones. Overall I would have to say there are more improvements than things to complain about.
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    @tiwyg picky in what way? You may be right but more information needed, hehe
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    It's cool to point out the flaws and things that make you unhappy but by the way some people are going on, it's almost like the whole game was sabotaged.
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    NG nerfed luck which thus nerfed every trait that is affected by luck. Since offensive and defensive abilities in the game are now harder (dodge lowered by 21% max, critical chance lowered by 25% max, etc) as well as interrupt not always interrupting & gas prices increasing on scavenger missions... besides that everything else is great..

    Hard scavenger doesn't seem to net more supplies (other than the RSL being more difficult and a slight 300 difference between xp you'd receive) and outposts with tanks and armored being harder to interrupt since body shots are likely on both is annoying.

    Visually, the placement of where things are on the screen and the mission hub are nice touches. But physically the aspects of the game have been majorly tweaked to our disadvantage.

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    EL34xyz said:

    There are 5 new slots coming soon, so there's room for Eugene and Negan

    They won´t exist spoiler, just my bet :wink:
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    I didn't read too much about the traits being lowered but that does kind of suck. I'm level 35 so I think it was meant to make it easier for low-mid level players to make progress because my gas was reduced and I'm finding a lot more usable gear and higher rewards in crates.
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    @Invader bingo. I just dont get whats the point of cutting the fun out, slice by slice or not...
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    Pain is dropping a comment, as per title
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    @painclasher oh man that really made me lol. And i must admit i did not get it at firstbtry, hehe
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    You asked for some reactions from people well I've been disappointed in the direction of the game for the last 2 updates. I don't know how many times I can post that without having serious feelings about burning up my gold and fading away.
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    this is painful and to add on your painful list

    doing hard mode on scavenger at RSL 25 has no changes whatsoever. the drop rate remained the same as normal scavenger. on top of that, you get heavy injuries from doing so... AND STILL DROPS A LVL18 equipment!!! i don't get how we still get lvl18 equipments and extremely low drop rate to find an epic/leg lvl20 equipments. lol...
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    I was wondering why you compare me with NG. But then I realized you weren't talking about me.
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    If you would like to follow the general discussion thread, [I assume many of you already are], I'm covering a lot of the answers to these opinions and reactions there. I hope you understand that it's easier to keep the conversation all in one place.
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    @Shut_Up & @Amazayn guys... seems like pain is the right word after all. And yes, it is just a game. But it is "our" game. The way i see this going, i can only hope that changes on challenges and the new missions next week cheer me up a bit. Well, there's a,ways D3's season starting next Friday, lol
  • PapacasPapacas Member Posts: 416
    @Shteevie Indeed i am. I asked some questions and did not get answers. While i do realize you cannot answer all questions, and as i discovered more changes that i dislike, my frustration got to a point that led me to make my own post. I love this game and i feel down with the update. Feel free nit to comment on this thread and focus on the main ones...
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    Let's continue this in the official discussion thread.
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