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I have a new business plan.
I'm going to plant some plants in there garden and when they do grow and they're liked, I'm going back a few months later and rip them out the ground then plant new ones they don't like, and of course make them pay for it.
When they want there lawn mowed I'll actually poison it or mow half of it or just think these idiots don't know what they want because i know better and what they actually want and weed the garden instead.
I'll push and send these unqualified useless guys who have no idea of what they're doing and charge them extra for these ppl than the qualified skilled guys.
I'm going to offer bundles for the low price of $160 that may includes the chance of gardening type you actually want done
I'm going to ask for their feedback, (to get ideas what ppl like then change it so they don't) ignore the rest and then do whatever the hell I want anyway.
P.s I apologize to any staff reading this as I know you don't make the decisions and i prefer to think if you actually play this game that you have an alternative forum account that you actually say how the management of ng is running this game like the rest of us.
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