Outpost defense.

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Hello all. Perhaps you have come by my outpost for free TG, perhaps not. But if you would be so kind as to help me with tips that apply to the new outdate, I would appreciate it. I no longer wish to give out free trade goods, and want to put as many raiders in the hospital for as long as possible. Successful defense is not an issue, just hospital stays for visitors. In fact, long hospital stays, unsuccessful defense, and no TG'S for raiders is my ideal goal, I realize that might be a little difficult for one set of raiders, but that's the aggregate goal. I have truly lost faith with the game, and want to spread the pain to those now forced to scrabble for TG to perform another pointless upgrade cycle yet are proclaiming this update is overall the best thing since sliced bread. I have 3 of all classes to work with, most currently 19. Tanks and Regular are fully upgraded but I haven't captured more. More tanks are first on the list. Armored are level 8, I've suspended their upgrade in favor of more tanks. Any help appreciated.
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    You are a pure evil, good Sir.
    As of regular walkers, they never seems like a problem, but high-lvl armored and tanks that suddenly decided that you're what they want the most in their [after]life is a real pain in the ass. Try to find OP setup that doesn't allow raiders to fiddle around with your walkers and survive by kiting. Also, the more the merrier, so it's a simple advice of Catch (and upgrade) Them All.
    Hope I'll never stumble upon your OP haha B)
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    I was made evil. Used to be free TG and stationary defenders. Now my soul is black. Thanks for the tips!
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    Still in development in designing my perfect Outpost team, but goals are maxed Assault, Shooter and Bruiser with ultimate gear.

    Dunno if I'm doing the right thing, but I have had rarely had raids with TG gains.
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    Thanks for the tip! PM me if you don't wish to be seen as evil but have had the last vestiges of goodness finally squeezed out of you by constant beating with a nerf hammer, live beta testing buggy updates, bait-and-switch development, overpriced bundles, being forced to raid if you want actual level appropriate gear, coming to the forums and watching the same invererate cheerleaders fawning over the latest steaming turd, or if a random fly has drowned in your fresh cup of tea and you're now a confirmed nihilist.
    Once we all settle on the one true map in rural fields, someone please let me know, I wish to continue the soul sapping sameness of RF3 for now as an homage, but if I'm outdated, someone please tell me.
    I have stun resist bruiser (now nerfed of course), shooter (hopefully heavy injury right there) and warrior with gold arc to spread the pain. New to this so any advice is helpful.
    Considering placing heroes to troll the XP side, but injuries are more important to me now. Have heard raiders get no XP for killing them, is it true?
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    I just heard the pipes are crying and unrest souls screaming in pain.
    I like it.
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    Awww, come back @GrimGael :-)

    I've decided to climb up again to see how I fare against the ubers.

    Outposts is the one thing I still enjoy right now, and I promised myself if they cut out RF3 I'd give the upper tiers another chance. Of course, I'm not aggressively climbing since gold no longer resets.

    I'm as pissed as everyone else about the nerfs, to numerous to count, esp interrupt, but I'm not ready to quit yet. I'm kinda at a loss as to what survivors and gear are worth a crap now, since everything is nerfed... Kinda lost there for sure. But we'll see. Gonna stick out for now.

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    @GrimGael this setup works really good . my defense wins prolly 80% of the raids when someone attacks instead of snatch and runs . And I may be wrong but slot of time when they snatch and run they still get hospital time . My bruiser has Morgan's staff if you'll notice he gets killed a lot but I think it's because he's the one dealing havoc . My bruiser it set on offense the shooter and hunter stationary behind cover . I give credit to the infamous dkhunter or k own as @boruto on forums for sharing this set up with me .
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    @BiggyGuyinTWD we all have to do what we have to do. Maybe reduced hospital will make it possible for you with the newly nerfed survivors, good luck. I am raiding pretty hard to upgrade my walkers, I have to blow a few to keep in my chosen tier, actually. It's pretty easy with the update, like my survivors are shooting blanks.
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    @Ovidmikel, I'm not sure if there's a scout route there along the bottom. Also I have no staff, I was a little sad that I didn't have extra money to spend on the game, but now I would be regretting it, especially now that bruisers are nerfed...again. I was hoping this setup would prevent a snatch. Also when I face one survivor, as one does when opening the top gate there, it's usually pretty quick work. The staff would help a lot there, I see.
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    @GrimGael, I like the use of inveterate, may I add sycophants as well?
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    @jls_killer we could use invertebrate as well, according to autocorrect, haha.
    It's pretty hilarious we could all probably compile the same list if we visit the forums regularly. To do so would be at least unethical and at most against forum rulz. I kind of wonder if they know who they are, themselves.
    On a related note, the pain has begun. Sorry, my fellow players, those who got it like @JackBauer @BlackCow @Iskä @MizTy and those few others that got what I was doing. I can't see all of your names--you were pushed off the bottom of the list by scum that needed imaginary influence so badly they had to slaughter stationary commons. It wasn't them that put out the light, though. They were beneath notice. It was NG itself. Now let's bring the darkness.
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