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Please @NG, @Teeceezy, @Shteevie, consider this option over your current changes to the traits.

1 - Leave all the traits as they were. Everything stacks, luck is stacked, interrupt works on everyone.
2 - Have a % reduction for every level the walker is above your level.
So 100%, would go 90%, 91%, 73%, 66%....

This could be done with a lot of the relevant traits, as well as other RNG calls. So rather than it being an instant body shot at +3, it just uses this % reduction.

Here are a few of the examples of what it would look like

As said by Shteevie, it's meant to be tense, and scary going up against the higher levels, and this would do it. The progression will get tougher every level, but still allowing us to stretch ourselves as far as we can.

It will stop repeatables, because those numbers do still diminish.

Its fair for all level of players. It still gives new players with these traits a chance. and mid level and end level.

It makes more sense, than suddenly a walker is too strong. I go through 20+ levels of no issues, and then all of a sudden they become a problem. Makes no sense.

It would make bruisers a bit stronger in the game again.

Here is what all the different starting points would end up as against level 30 (which seems to be your cap at the moment



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    This should be in general. Please post this in the 2.2 discussion so they see it. Great job!
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    Trait changes are not going to be reverted. We will make further adjustments as we see necessary, and all of the planned changes from here out increase the power levels of your survivors and their traits.

    We will be watching Challenge performance and completion of Nightmare Story missions to see if changes to the bodyshot rate, or other system improvements, are necessary.

    I appreciate the time, thought, and effort that went into this proposal, but it doesn't meet several needs of the systems across game modes, player levels, player play styles, and such. Furthermore, it's simply not possible to make this change, or to revert the changes that we have made, in the time we have available to us.

    As we said after the 2.1 changes: Never backwards. Always forwards, working to improve and build on what we have, rather than taking things apart.
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    @Shteevie what is nerfing traits then?? it seems that that is taking things apart...or is my world view upside down.???
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