Guild challenge stars STILL missing

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Since I'm not seeing it in recent posts, can you confirm that you're still trying to fix the missing challenge star issue? My guild doesn't get credit for my first 20 stars collected during the rollout of the new challenge missions. The system sees them as if I wasn't part of my guild at the time. It causes the standings to be messed up, my totals for the guild are messed up. I'm just asking that you peg something on the front page so we know you're working on it.

If you thought it was fixed, it isn't.

Thanks for your help,

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  • RobotelulRobotelul Member Posts: 32
    It isnt fixed..same problem at my guild ROMANIA
  • BzhandroidBzhandroid Member Posts: 59
    It isnt fixed
    same problem at my guild ESRI de VEAU
  • xbassmanxbassman Member Posts: 61
    Several in my guild are missing stars. Looking at my username on guild page my stars show correctly, but when I tap my name it shows what the rest of the guild sees. (-25 stars in my case) I think it's stars received at the beginning of the challenge while NG was still recoding.
  • stephaniieanne08stephaniieanne08 Member Posts: 134
    Any word anywhere when this will be fixed, or are we still waiting?
  • DrBOBDrBOB Member Posts: 223

    Any word anywhere when this will be fixed, or are we still waiting?

    Steph this is NG assume the next week or maybe even until next challenge
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  • SleepWalkerSleepWalker Member Posts: 73
    So we will not be made whole?
  • xbassmanxbassman Member Posts: 61
    Well, if they don't add back stars during this challenge, they will never go into guild total.
  • CarolsCookiesCarolsCookies Member Posts: 149
    Same problem here. My stars show correct in my guild screen but when I click on my name I'm over 100 short for this challenge.
  • xbassmanxbassman Member Posts: 61
    Dang! 100 stars short? I'm 25 short toward guild which is curious....
    My first 6 missions netted 27 stars. (18 stars plus 9 bonus stars)
  • JulialiciousJulialicious Member Posts: 193
    great challenge :D

    @teeceezy please look at the Screenshots. You said the lost challenge stars will added to the guilds total, but your support says something different. Who is right now?
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  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,580
    @Julialicious My post was created and edited at 3-4PM on Wednesday. It has since been removed. The answer from support is newer information.
  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,470
    Still with the same problem. Still no answer from support in 2 days. Taking screenshots after screenshots in hope for a fix, but lack of answer from support is not acceptable.
  • SleepWalkerSleepWalker Member Posts: 73
    edited October 2016
    I might add, if the last guild reward is 6 radios and my guild comes up short because of this, that is 120 radios that my guild misses out on. I know I'm missing 20, another member is missing 18. (I have no idea how someone would be missing 100.) It's not impossible that my guild is missing a couple hundred stars. I'm figuring half of us are affected.
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  • Maxamus1975Maxamus1975 Member Posts: 13
    I am still having this issue. NG just dismissed all the other posts about this issue hoping it would go away. I currently have 308 stars in this challenge but I'm only getting credited for 257. That's 51 stars my guild is missing and I'm not the only one. Where are my stars NG???? Resolve this issue or compensate us loyal player ASAP or we will leave in droves.
  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738
    Wanted add "touch wood" before I lose stars,.... :(
  • SleepWalkerSleepWalker Member Posts: 73
    edited October 2016
    So is that the final answer? It seems code wise, you could just apply a small change to the calculation for this one challenge that would fix it. All current individual stars = guild stars. Reset after this challenge is over.
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  • CarolsCookiesCarolsCookies Member Posts: 149

    Not sure why I'm missing so many challenge stars but as you can see by the screenshots, 289 is my current total but only showing as 185 in my guild. My answer from support was that they can't do anything about it now and that that's what the 1 minute gas is for. Pretty frustrating.
  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738

    That's a massive hit to take for both you and your guild,.. If it was me I'd press the point and seek some form of compensation,. 104 missing from a single player is inexcusable even with a new release,.. Sorry
  • CarolsCookiesCarolsCookies Member Posts: 149
    Top8dog said:


    That's a massive hit to take for both you and your guild,.. If it was me I'd press the point and seek some form of compensation,. 104 missing from a single player is inexcusable even with a new release,.. Sorry

    Thank you. I agree. I was pretty disappointed not to get any type of compensation with such a huge hit. I may try again. It's a lot of challenge stars lost.
    Top8dogSleepWalker[Deleted User]Jodipayneart
  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738


    Maybe the above screenshot can help with your plight,.. Good luck too you :)
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  • McCoy332McCoy332 Member Posts: 39
    Sorry I hadn't had a chance to read through the pages but wondering if the initial stars obtained early in the challenge that didn't could toward guild total has been fixed?
  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738
    Good point mate,.. Especially as a new challenge is about to start

    Are we good to go this time round @Shteevie or @Teeceezy ??
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    Yes, we feel pretty confident that the challenge issue won't happen again.
    /crosses fingers
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  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
    @Shteevie it's still a problem, one of my guild members has stars not showing correctly.
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