The In Game Messaging System, Slight Tweak To A Good Use In The Current Challenge Issues Etc.

@Teeceezy like the news is showing the Challenge issues in the news and know it has been used before. Something to consider is update/timestamp of last update and also bullet points under general issue. For instance, the challenge maps, in game chat and the sorting of stars (which may all be related) a message like the following could be helpful and reduce multiple threads. I know I am bouncing around trying to find status.

- Challenge Map Loading Issues : As Of ____, being addressed. Quick Fix In Interim: Quit
- Guild Stars Not Showing Properly: As Of ____, being addressed. Partially resolved, missing stars will be applied
- Guild Chat Not Working: As of ____ it was resolved and should be working for all players. If you are experiencing this still please report in game with the following tag: #chatnotworking
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