Grr Argh

I'm getting really frustrated with the outpost attacks since the update! Out of approx 10 attacks I've won 1, got crates on 1 other without any stars but basically get killed A LOT! It doesn't seem to matter wether I pit like for like weapons or try bruisers ( which though crap health wise, should have an upper hand with the old stun trick) or even if the team I'm attacking is 2-3 levels lower than me (17) I STILL GET CREAMED!
Mostly, it seems, the defenders "retaliate" before my guys have even raised their weapons.... is this a glitch? I need advice....... Plllllleeeeeeeease!


  • KelvSGKelvSG Member Posts: 277
    question, are you going for the influence point or just TG ? because i dont really get how u can get injury if u only grab TG and go ever since the outpost improvement.

    And if you going for influence point, then that the hard part. cause now mostly defender are spread all apart. So there no way i can stun all at once. but play smart with correct survivor is winnable (but prepare to have at least 1 heavily injury).
  • MrTigros87MrTigros87 Member Posts: 34
    I just did a few outpost raids. My survivors are lvl 13/14. I raid against lvl 14/16 (3700 influence if that matters from who to fight ). I just go for tg nowadays.
    Not worth going for higher influence rewards
  • BeetleBeetle Member Posts: 7
    I'm trying for both as my criteria is to WIN, WIN, WIN..... never really thought about the idea of either, or! So that could be why I'm getting frustrated..... Doh!
    After reading some other discussion pieces it seems quite a few folks use assault, hunter, warrior combo mostly, some throw scouts in the mix too.... is this the desired combo? and where I'm starting off badly?
    Before the update, my matching weapons with the oppo worked really well regardless of level.... now, it's big deaths every time.
  • MrTigros87MrTigros87 Member Posts: 34
    I use scout mostly just for grabbing the tg as scout can move longer distances. Sometimes I can't get the tg in 1 turn but then I have a charged assault to try stun them all and then move in for tg.
    Works like a charm! Well, mostly :)
  • MrTigros87MrTigros87 Member Posts: 34
    I also search for opponents that I gain lowest amount of influence from. From 10-15 influence I find easier to win raids from
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Outposts are much better than never before

    My raids in 24 hrs
    <img src=""alt="" />
  • BeetleBeetle Member Posts: 7
    How do you search for opponents? Ya gets t'fight who yas given these days......
  • bubblesbubbles Member Posts: 23
    @Beetle unless you say Noooope and back out of that screen. Then you can hit "raid" again for another 10 TGs and hope for an easier opponent
  • BeetleBeetle Member Posts: 7
    Oh...I get ya! Cheers bubbles...... huh, now why didn't I think of that!?
  • ZivaZiva Member Posts: 7
    The outpost seem crazy hard. I have level 20 legendaries with maxed legendary weapons at level 22 and never win outposts now. I have lv 20 shooters guarding and they have lost every defense since the update, even against lower players, but I almost never get paired with anyone lower than all 20s now
  • BeetleBeetle Member Posts: 7
    Desperately trying to level up my council, as I figured that has to help for a time at least but now, Ziva, I've lost hope. Though weirdly, I've won a few recently....maybe moaning has helped!? Lol!
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