2 things I would love to be implemented in the Game


I am sure that there are tons of posts like this but I would like to bring to the DEV's attention two requests that I believe would greatly improve our game experience:

1. Please consider removing gear rewards from challenge reward crates that are lower level that our survivors. We get a huge amount of these equipment with each challenge, and we end up scrapping them anyways so there is really no point in having them in the first place, we just spend time with the scrap option.
2. I would love if the end turn button would appear immediately after the enemy turn ends. Like it is now, we have to wait couple of seconds until it appears and I don't see any point in than. In my case, when I farm the missions, I end up spending more time waiting to end turn, then to move in my turn.

Thank you and I hope that you will consider my proposals.
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