Regarding Season 7 Spoilers

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Regarding Season 7 Spoilers

The Season 7 Missions open up weekly after The Walking Dead episode has aired in America. However, the new exclusive content is released before the show is aired on other continents and some of you might wonder if the new missions include spoilers of the latest episode.

All the Season 7 Missions include locations and characters that are related to the show episodes, but do not directly mimic the plot of the show.

NOTE! The videos available in the Season 7 Mission screen are official The Walking Dead behind the scenes material and we cannot assure that they do not contain any spoiler material of the show. We ask you to use your own judgement on whether or not to watch these videos.

Season 7 and the Forums

As per our rules, spoilers are strictly prohibited on the forums. We will be starting an official episode discussion thread after each episode on Tuesday mornings in Off-Topic Discussion. The thread for each episode will be closed on Sunday before the air date of the next episode and will have a large spoiler warning in the title. If you haven't seen the episode in question yet, don't open the thread. Please also refrain from discussing Season 7 of The Walking Dead anywhere else on these forums.
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