Bad 5k legendary crate deal

Stockpiled TG for 2 weeks waiting for update. I knew I'd probably need to upgrade my weapons. Once multiple nerfs were announced I was happy I was patient.

Upgraded council, training grounds and workshop. Got almost to level 57 and trained a warrior to level 20. Went ahead and bought the shop deal at 5k. After 30k spent, here are my glorious results :
1. L20 assault armor
2. L19 gear
3. L19 gear
4. L19 gear
5. L19 gear
6. L19 gear

It used to be you could save and be certain of obtaining a max level legendary item. You could end up with 10 bruiser armors but at least one was usable.

This deal seems to serve the sole purpose of draining TG reserves.

I can't help but feeling robbed of these last 60 raids I had to do in order to be deceived this way. Before the update, you would never end up with l18 gear in a legendary bought crate.

Simply raise the cost. That's the honest way of making things harder. But this scheme is low. Really low. McDonald's burger of the week was never a salad.

Who wants to invest time in a game where all planning and strategy seems to be shunned upon ( removal of interrupt ) to be replaced by a giant lottery ? I don't play lottery and if NG keeps introducing this concept more and more they will lose me.


  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    I feel your pain shame I didn't read this post 20 min ago. I've spent 10k on 2 crates..
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  • HeroicWarriorHeroicWarrior Member Posts: 24
    I got lucky with a 5K trade! But have to wait a long time to use it!!
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    What's that trait???
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  • HeroicWarriorHeroicWarrior Member Posts: 24
    New trait
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    Wow amazing loot.! Give it to me! My precious!!
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  • Bill_ZRTBill_ZRT Member Posts: 1,420

    Very similar situation to my experience. I've opened siz 5k legendary crates. The first 5 were lvl 19 gear which is useless now. My last crate had a terrible piece of lvl 20 gear, but at least it's lvl 20. I know some folks have tried to say that level 19 gear isn't useless, but they're wrong. As soon as you upgrade your Training Grounds and Workshop, all your XP will be spend maxing out your level 19 survivors and any lvl 20 gear you have. There's no reason to ever even consider upgrading a lvl 19 item once you've upgraded those buildings.
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  • PoppyPoppy Member Posts: 1,146
    Sane boat im one level 20 gear from 5 crates, not on at all.
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  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    Prior to the update, a 7500 TG create delivered base level 19 legendary gear 100% of the time. Never, ever base level 18 legendary gear. Why would it now change to be a crap shoot of 19 and 20 gear @Shteevie . If a sure thing before the "improvements" in the new update, why make it like spinning a slot machine now? I have exactly zero use for any level 19 gear. Half the 20 I have been fortunate enough to pull has less than desirable traits. Any explaination on this shift in policy will be much appreciated. Thanks
  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738
    Japes87 said:

    I tried to warn everyone about this 2 days ago .. guess people avoid "PSA" threads ? :/

    Don't won't to sound as dumb as I am,...
    But what's psa thread?
    Sorry I'm crap at working out all these shorthands
  • MizTyMizTy Member Posts: 1,335
    Public Service Announcement
  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738
    Thank you,.. Always seems so obvious once someone says it

    Thanks again
  • MizTyMizTy Member Posts: 1,335
    Someone please explain why upgrading base level 19 gear is worthless. If I have L19 survivors they have to play with something cool, & I don't want them running around nekid without their jackets! Why is it so much smarter for me to wait for level 20 stuff rather than playing with what I have available to me now?

    Just cat curious....
  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738
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    I'm presuming a lot of players have already upgraded to lvl 20 and want the top gear to match,.. I haven't yet,.. But I am one that will want the best available as soon as possible,. Think also cos of how they play they are happy with the 19gear they got so are wanting something better,..

    I do like my lvl 19 gear tho and some will be passed down to my survivors younger brothers ;)
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