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Thanks for the general guidance on spoilers etc. Just to be clear, as a U.K. Viewer, should I avoid EVERYTHING for 24 hours from the time on Sunday TWD previews in the US?


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    I think they said nothing will spoil the show,.. But I'm avoiding all game and guild in fact all internet till it watched on Monday night to be sure
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    Thanks @Top8dog - exactly my thoughts too. Hating the waiting (think there is a marketable slogan in there somewhere) but want to experience it all in real time, not spoiled.

    Don't want to say goodbye to one of the main characters but I've kinda decided who I could live without....
  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738
    I'm currently going thru a twd marathon just upto season 5 eps 14,.. Just enough time to squeeze season 6 in before Monday ;)

    I'm same don't wanna but there's a couple of casualties I can live without lol
  • ricktadaricktada Member Posts: 112
    Respect, binge watching is a superb way to do it.

    See you here Monday night...
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    Bill_ZRT said:

    Forget avoiding the game... you're going to need to avoid the INTERNET for 24 hours until it airs locally.

    That would be roundabout 12 months for me. Nah... not going to happen. ;)
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    I haven't seen season 6 or the last few episodes of season 5 so everything is a spoiler to me lol
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    as a fan of the show, I don't think I could ever be 1+ years behind the show. (;

    Thing is - if you start a year late it will normally not feel as if you are a year behind. Because the release schedule is about the same.

    But it's hard to avoid spoilers, really hard... I was amazed that the only spoiler I had regarding season 6 was what happened to Carl - and that happened in this forum, so... yeah, playing the game, visiting the forum AND being far behind everybody else doesn't bode well. ;)
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    Think I might be watching the new episode as soon as it pops up on **** ( the app whose name must not be mentioned). I doubt I could avoid the internet all day so it's Lucille, Negan, blood & guts with morning coffee + meds.

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    I've always wanted a clarification of the term spoiler in how it relates to this forum and the show. TWD NML is a game based on a show and this is a forum for the game.

    Some players haven't seen any episodes of this show. At what point is it safe to discuss the show or parts of the show.

    Is anything during the time of the prison and before ok? The hospital or before? I mean to be sure I'm not spoiling anything how far back can we go or is it just blanket statements regarding no ploys that's ok.

    Also does spoiling refer to the game? Does someone posting the traits of all the heroes (or especially going forward the new hero bring introduced) before I've had a chance to unlock them is that a spoiler? Does posting the reward for completing chapter 14 in story mode a spoiler?

    Is that why when updates go live NG waits until they're live to post the change notes because they don't want to spoil the changes?

    I guess my question is at what point, if ever, would it be okay to discuss Sunday nights premier? Is Wednesday ok? Next month? Next year?

    Many of us play here because we enjoy the show and game and would probably like to discuss it together. Although I don't know how to use those fancy spoiler tags, I'm more or less looking for a time frame regarding spoilers.

    How far back can we go regarding discussions. And when the new episode airs, how far into the future should we wait for discussions.

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  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738
    In my experience,.. You struggle to put a time line on it,.. We all so mixed at air dates it's impossible,.. I was shocked myself to some people only on series 5,...
    For me no matter where I go,. On the net or even on tv, I'm expecting someone somewhere to release spoilers,.. That's why I'm switching off everything till iv watched,..
    I certainly get what your saying,.. From the sounds of things iv probably inivertantly typed spoilers myself without realising it,.. So would be nice for a timeline,. But where from?
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    Try to avoid anything that can spoil anything. There will be a place for talk though since this will be super tough very soon. Read the announcement about it for some further info.

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