Please stop auto centralization and fix the cover system.

I'm generally a quick player in any and all games I play, as I get bored quickly and a lot, so I tend to always play in 2x speed in most games that allow it. Whenever I'm playing a mission I give my orders quickly and when I choose a character the screen automatically moves to centralize on the chosen character which would sometimes result in accidents and accidentally moving my character to the middle of walkers.
I think there should at least be an option in settings to cancel this feature..
Also the cover system is all messed up, my characters move on their own in the stupidest routes possible, sometimes when I give an attack order the route is forced that the character has to take cover before attacking and that results in ambushes sometimes, I mean that should be fixed or canceled or something,. Maybe you should let us choose how we want to attack instead of forcing a certain route to be taken by the character in play. P.s this only happens when there are raiders in the mission. And sorry 4 the bad english
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  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    I wanna fix the auto-center so it stops happening to people by accident. I think we can do this in 2.3 or 2.4, so later this year.

    The cover thing can sometimes be avoided by moving with one action and then attacking with the other, but I know it's annoying whenever the route is not what you would expect. I doubt we'll be adding any more buttons or toggles to the game, but I'll see if there's any other thing we can try to fix this.

    Your English is just fine; no need to worry or apologize. Thanks for the post!
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    Oh the run to cover thing i absolutely despise that, I actually think that it's the worst feature in the game. I really hope this can be fixed
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    Auto cover is a real issue for me too. And it falls under the purview of NG trying to play the game for me. The joy I find in NML is learning how to play the game. You're stealing my joy @NG!

    The auto cover issue is bugging me more & more as I go up against Super Buffed Freemen Androids. Make cover areas blink or glow, but stop trying to play the game for me!
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    God this auto path finding to cover is the most annoying thing in the game. It ruins the idea that you control your characters in a game. A cpu controlef AI that moves your characters and takes actions for you by default is assinie. It's cost me lots of time that I never would or should of spent healing characters. Horrible implementation of the entire cover an combat system. Needs tossed out of game until addressed correctly, imo.

    Walkers that ignore the defending outpost player characters in raids an only attack you, the offensive attacking player characters.. is about as assinie also

    Both are ridiculous
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    fuck yes
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