Upgrade epic to legendary or existing legendary

Should I focus on getting epics upgraded to legendary status or upgrading my existing legendaries? Or does it depend on something


  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    It depends on what you need to fit your style of game play. Choose the survivor with the best traits (good luck figuring that out post update), and concentrate on upgrading those survivors first regardless of level. An epic with 4 perfect traits is more valuable than a legendary without the preferred traits. Good luck.
  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    @CodyFP Getting legendary surv with 4 or 5 desired traits is best option, if you have some epics with 4 desired, I say promote to legendary. For me, investing tokens into surv that is already legendary but dont have at least 4 desired traits is wasting of those(as later or sooner you will get better one).
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