Season 7 Mission, Episode 1: Official Discussion Thread



  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    Wish we could see how you are moving to give better advice.

    Move down, then to the left, take Daryl or a warrior with retaliate plus a shooter and focus on killing the fatty, especially with the shooter. Try to keep away from the 2nd one. And don't waste your gold on healing, you still have plenty of time to try.

    Hope you'll make it.
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  • NickV2169NickV2169 Member Posts: 6

    Thanks... I've gone straight up, to the upper left, retreated to the RV door. Straight left, never tried down though. Maybe it's a combo of things I'm doing wrong. I'd be happy to send whatever you'd like to see. Admittedly I've never tried recording a video lol not sure how. I can send screens of that or characters if you want. Either way thanks again.
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    I tried that at first, too, going up and to the left, but when the 2nd fatty spawns it gets impossible that way.

    Oh, and btw I meant down and then to the right, not the left... Though that might work, too (think I've seen that in a video?). Unfortunately we can't replay the trial missions to work on a good strategy to share.

    Screenshots might help, maybe the videos by other could help you, too? Just share what you have/can make and I'm sure you'll get plenty of advice. I'll try my best to help.
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  • NickV2169NickV2169 Member Posts: 6
    Another round of unsuccessful runs..
    Here's a few of my guys...
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    Did you try Daryl or Barbara plus Anthony (or maybe Dean)?

    I had good success with a warrior with retaliate (to slay the walker groups) and a shooter (to engage the fatty).

    Helpful about the warrior was not only his retaliate but also the extra attack, the same with the extra attack of the shooter.

    Maybe take screenshots of how/where you move and what happens?

    I only tried one strategy but maybe others it the thread can help as well. Maybe there are other ideas... I also can't remember every single detail of what I did, only that I killed the walkers on the left, than moved down and ultimately to the right and up (to be close to the RV but far away from the second fatty).

    I got hurt by the normal walkers, but if you have somethign that is anti-stun, that would also help. Being stunned was the biggest problem for me. Maybe even wrestler trait could help once you are struggling.
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  • NickV2169NickV2169 Member Posts: 6
    I will take some screens after they heal up. Appreciate the advice. Barbara and Anthony was my first pairing. The thing I run into is Barbara doesn't quite take out a regular walker on a single attack. Dean can but that's one at a time. Daryl is about 50/50 in taking them out as is Anthony and Rick. So it takes two attacks from Barbara to kill a single walker. Usually by then it's game over.
  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    @NickV2169 Give Maggie's gear to Kali or Carmen after you raise one of them to 18, and team the one you level with (Daryl as the leader) hopefully your armor has a few decent traits unlocked - if not upgrade lower level armor, it'll be cheaper EXP/timewise.
    If you have the tokens you may consider gambling on Carmen and promoting her to epic, or increase her traits.

    Watch my trial vids, as I use 2 hunters and the starting positions of the walkers changes each time. Line up as many walkers as possible each shot and move to the left saving up your crit for the Tanks, it will prob take 3-5 shots each so try to hit both if you can (as well as trying to hit first at least once before second tank spawns)
  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,332
    Hmmm just finished the Episode Missions after lots of tries. Initially was doing it all wrong and got beaten by the walkers. Changed the strategy and now I have completed the missions.

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  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068

    Maybe you actually need better or different gear? It's not only your survivor level, it's also about the weapon's damage. If that's too low your survivor will have a hard time killing off walkers. Happened to me a lot of ttimes that I couldn't get decent gear and that got me into trouble...
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  • jotajota Member Posts: 62
    completed all 5 trials using the same team, a shooter and an assault, both lvl18. didn't find it very difficult even though both went on a visit to the hospital a couple of times.
  • 707EmeraldTriangle707EmeraldTriangle Member Posts: 98
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    I used L14 epic Daryl and L14 Epic Assult I took beating getting this Trial done. After many F Bomb I shut that shit down.
  • NickV2169NickV2169 Member Posts: 6
    Another day another 10 wasted attempts trying to get this done. Tried to follow your advice @Necroboogie don't have the exp to raise Kelly or Carmen at the moment. Gave them Maggie's equip. Upgraded lower level armor. Didn't matter. Two rounds maybe 3 and it was over for me. I'm done. Not meant to be I guess.
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,742
    @NickV2169 I think your failure on these trials is a byproduct of advancing too quickly in this game. All of your level 18 survivors seem to have damage and health that is too low for their level. My advice to you is to take it slow and don't worry about leveling up so quickly.

    For me, I like to take a break every 2 survivor levels and deck them out with fully upgraded epic/legendary gear that is level-appropriate. It took me a bit longer to get to level 19 (where I am now), but I was killing zombies (in regular and challenge missions) 4-5 levels above my survivors because they were well-equipped. I could level all of my guys up to 20, but I'm perfectly happy building them up with solid level 19 gear right now (mostly because they're sporting the same gear they were wearing at level 17).
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  • kscarlett5683kscarlett5683 Member Posts: 18
    I won based on advice I got from Reddit. I had a hunter & a shooter, and leveled up my weapons. I had a wrestler component in my armor. I placed both survivors on the exit landing pad, but not in front of the door. That way, if one struggled, the other can open the door and then it's complete. My people were wounded, but I GOT IT! Try this, it worked for me. Hope this helps someone.
  • DjinnDjinn Member Posts: 168
    I used these two survivors.

    First I stayed where we start in the mission. Killed the walkers around me.

    Then I took out the fatty who comes from the bottom.

    Right after I moved to the bottom area.
    Taking out the walkers, but every turn I hitted the second fatty.

    Last turn the second fatty grabbed Daryl,
    But he killed him with the wrestler trait.

    After that I was able to go to the caravan

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  • _NoName_NoName Member Posts: 188
    ...only 69 minutes to go! :p
  • JackBauerJackBauer Member Posts: 1,550
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    Only 7h 8min to go until the episode is aired here.
    So actually it's 8h 8min to go until I will look into the season episode mission.

    Remember to use your charge abilities
  • Is it just me or the trials seem harder than before?
  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    Rsl depends on training grounds and the highest survivor level as far as I know. If you raise them up since last time would give you a higher RSL for now.
  • kscarlett5683kscarlett5683 Member Posts: 18

    Is it just me or the trials seem harder than before?

    Yup. Seemed that way to me too, and I didn't upgrade any of my survivors or my training camp.
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    It's simple,.. BANNED. (Teeceezy)
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