Need help

So i am on my 2nd/3rd day playing this and currently on chapter 5 with lvl5 units.

Would just like to know the following:
Is it possible to get 3-4 star survivors by just playing the game and without having to use the radio tower?
When is it the best time to use radio calls
Is this effective? Currently using daryl + scout + shooter or daryl + 2 scouts, any advice?
Should I prioritize in upgrading my zombies in the walker pit? or just get trade the crates over to the items being sold

Thanks for the response


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    I'm not sure, but I think the max survivor stars you can get by playing missions is 3-star. (except daryl)

    If you are saving phones (I don't), the best moment would be when you can call survivors for reduced costs (event) or improved chances (event). Personally i wouldn't wait for that (devs announced those kind of events may not happen for a long time, if at all).
    If you are looking for certain kind of survivors (warrior, assault etc.), there are events where one gets a higher chance of being called. Those events happen more frequently.

    Daryl and scout would fit in my personal strategy.

    Personally I wouldn't use to many crates in general. Any gear you buy in crates will become obsolete rather quick (when you are low level).
    Upgrading your walkers will only help for the outpost leaderboards . No reason to do it unless you want climb the leader boards.

    |edit maybe buy tokens, gas or phones for TG.|

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    So for the characters would it be wise for me to just keep using the 1 radio? Then from there also build up tokens to upgrade them? Already tried reading a thread somewhere about how they computed and all, didn't understand anything lol.

    Another thing, is it better to just go with the normal characters and just leave the special ones alone (like rick and the others)? As it seems that getting their tokens is too rare.

    And what is TG?
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    TG. TradeGoods

    When spending radios --> use them on 15radio calls.
    Especially when still looking for new survivors!

    Token amounts work like this
    1 star = 2 tokens Minimum for 1radio call (chance at epic or legendary near 0%)
    2 star = 8 tokens Minimum for 5radio call (choose 1 of 2) (chance at epic or legendary still very low)
    3 star = 32 tokens Minimum for 15radio call (choose 1 of 3) (chance at epic becomes pretty good, legendary still low but much higher then above)
    4 star = 128 tokens
    5 star = 256 tokens

    This also goes for heroes.

    If you can choose between 32 tokens for regular survivor and 128 tokens for a hero. Personally I'd totally go for the hero.
    If you must choose between 128 hero tokens and an epic survivor. In your case you might want to pick the epic survivor. (depending on traits)

    I'd definitely choose wisely. Heroes can be pretty good, but normal survivors are equal important.

    All is relative though. There is not answer all answer. It depends on preference and your current survivor and hero tokens.

    Hope it helped
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    Cool information. I think for now I should try to get higher starred regular survivor first, seems a much better idea rather than trying to get a hero wherein I totally have 0 tokens lol.

    Final question, for the scavenge thing, does the zombies level go up whenever you finish it? For example, I just finished Food scavenge with the zombies at level 2, but if I do it again will their level become 3? Or are their levels scaling with whatever character that I have brought to the scavenge?

    Also tried hard once just to see how I will fare, seems that the zombies level were 8 (and then i got massacred) but when I tried normal they were only 5.
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    Scavenge-mission zombie-level is based on your highest survivor level. Hard mode is current survivor level +3.
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    @jimmorrison369 Hard Levels are +2 for me....
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    Welcome @TrollNinja. Great questions and glad you found the forum to ask them.

    Since you can keep your survivors forever now, (they once had a hard level cap and would therefore become useless once you'd progressed to a certain point) I would suggest that you concentrate on 15 radio calls for the best chance to get "better" survivors that can level up with you. Veteran players will have entire squads of 5 star survivors, as an example, but with the trait rebalancing, even they will always be in search of a "better" build.

    Scavenge missions are always based on the highest level survivor you have. If you for some reason leveled up your hunter several levels beyond your team, you would find those missions to be based on the level of that hunter even if you did not take the hunter on the mission.

    Challenge missions and story missions have set level difficulty that are not dependent on your level, but instead progress in the game.

    Reward from story and scavenge missions are based on your "Player level" which is the number in the top left corner of your camp screen. This goes up based on the buildings you have built or improved. Challenge mission rewards are based on the recommended survival level of the mission.

    If you have not already done so, consider joining a guild so that you can work collaboratively with others during challenges to earn more radios building your team.
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    Don't upgrade the walker pit. Waste of time and resources. For radio calls, always do the highest call you have available. 15 radio calls are obviously the best, but if you don't have that unlocked yet, 5 radio calls are still better. The only way to get 3 and 4 star survivors (other than radio calls) is to upgrade your survivors with tokens. Buying tokens with Trade Goods is a good, but slow way to do it. Look through other threads talking about good traits for survivors. It's different for each class, but generally you like things like dodge, luck, retaliate, and others. If you're going to spend tokens on a survivor, make sure they are worth it first. If they're not, just use them as best you can and hang on until you get better ones.

    For your base, make sure you keep your Training Grounds updated and your survivors max leveled. Do the Workshop when you can, but don't waste too much XP on bad gear. There's plenty of info here about good gear, too. Keep your farms upgraded so you get a good stream of supplies coming in, so you cankeep upgrading your base. The XP tents are helpful, but not urgent. Also watch your supply storage so you don't fill up too quickly. The Hospital can wait, so can the Outpost tower and the Walker Pit. Do the Radio Tent when you can, but not your first priority. The Mission Car depends on your play style. If younplay for a long time a couple times a day, it could be helpful. If you only come to play a couple missions real quick, then don't bother.

    That's all I can think of for now. Hopefully it helps. Let us know if you have more questions. BTW, my survivors are just getting to level 11, so I'm not too far ahead of you. I've done this recently and read a lot on here, too.
    GreySeerautumn_ash[Deleted User]
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    GreySeer said:

    @jimmorrison369 Hard Levels are +2 for me....

    Interesting. I do have a +1 level bruiser from a mission (lvl18).

    When I start normal. All walkers are lvl17 to begin.
    When I start hard. All walkers are lvl20 to begin.

    Trollninja has lvl 5 survivors. When he tries hard he gets lvl 8 walkers.

    I drawed my conclusion from this.

    Apparently there might be more going on then just survivor level maybe?
    Also, come to think about it. Why don't I start with lvl 18 walkers? I have a lvl 18 bruiser from the mission.

    Not sure
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    Thanks a lot guys, will open a new thread once I am able to find more advance questions to ask and can't be find any threads. :smile:
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    Of I could go back to where you are, I would have never set up my Outpost. That said, don't waste your hard earned TG or XP to try and make it better. Concentrate on upgrading your camp, which will allow you to upgrade your survivors and their gear. Also, don't let the cute Heros fool you. They are pretty well useless as delivered and take thousands of hero specific tokens to make them equal to a regular survivor with great traits. Good luck.
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    I'm not overly sure, but I think the first time you take your +1 level survivor on a scavenge mission it resets them forever after to that level. That’s how I recently boned myself moving forward-one run with a level 20 shooter and the rest of my 19th level survivors become more obsolete than they were for hard missions. I could be wrong, though.
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