Ng admit you were wrong

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There is nothing wrong admitting you're wrong it how we learn.
You said after the 2.0 fiasco that it was all part of the long term plan to make the game better and we won't see this until 2.2 we as a player group decided to believe and trust you and the spending freze was lifted with the ones particpating.
2.2 now your saying sorry you will have to wait for another 1 or 2 possibly more updates to see our grand plan, we are all stuck in limbo not sure what traits to upgrade as we have know idea what is going to be further nerfed or buffed (we can't devise a strategy around the wrestler trait)
I'll happily admit there were some good things implemented in this update.
We all do realize you have a bottom line and you need to make money we are not stupid, but the combat rebalance specifically the INTERUPT nerf was a mistake and it doesn't benefit players in the slightest (i realize you will deny and try and justify it probably by saying wait until 2.4).
I'm willing to accept the luck nerf but please, please, please bring back INTERUPT to its former glory.
P.s Also lower the health of the god like human enemies.
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    You mean like this @Lucille896425? Our survivors and their gear get nurfed, but the raiders get the super Neo buff. I'm loving this master plan by NG to make our game better. How about you?????
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    @Lucille896425 , not sure if you saw this post by @shteevie but here it is.

    Please keep things constructive.
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    Never mind i went to the link and worked it out. However I stand by it, i run a business and first and foremost my top priority is making money there is nothing wrong with it, every decision i make is to make money however unlike this business i have a small customer base so my top priority is customer satisfaction if my customers are happy i get paid and repeat business, so although making money is my goal i realize customer satisfaction has to be balanced with what will make me money
    However in saying this i will remove the offending part in the hopes my goal of reverting back to origial INTERUPT is considered.
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    It really should be enough that the 3 melee classes have been rendered basically useless (exception of scout in the outpost) with the nerf to INTERUPT to realize it was a mistake
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    I think as long as the saviors have the same stats that we would have when we get to that level, then that is fine. If the are stronger then that is wrong.

    Interrupt and luck change was wrong, and a different overhaul for the battle mechanics would have been better .
    Maybe with the addition of what poppy said in his video. Nothing should be 100%, maybe the max of anything is 98% and the min of anything is 2%.
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    Yeah i agree i was going to say something along those lines but i didn't want to influence their decision if they have realized they're mistakes and going to correct them. I Wonder if they do have same stats us I'll have to check this with the upcoming challenge
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    Yeah i agree i was going to say something along those lines but i didn't want to influence their decision if they have realized they're mistakes and going to correct them. I would be happier (which i believe is still probably double ours)if they had half their health and buffed traits concerning human enemies

    The statement forward never backwards means if if they ever acknowledge the mistake,. It won't be put back,..
    Even if the nerfs defy the very statement they made mate
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    They are about to admit it. It just takes a little bit of a discussion.

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    @Top8dog unfortunately you're probably correct but I'm really hoping they change they're company statement this once.
    @Shteevie @Teeceezy if it helps to make the decision easier so your not going to back lower the chance to interupt to 60-70% at least then there is a chance it works I think you'll find ppl will be alot happier than 0% chance once you make it 3-4 lvls above survivor
    @Perdtin i got a warning for similar thing violence in jest not sure but that may get a warning lol
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    Top8dog[Deleted User]
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    @Perdtin i got a warning for similar thing violence in jest not sure but that may get a warning lol

    @Lucille896425 No, my bad.

    If you look closely at the part that I accidentally cropped out, again please look closely at that part if you can, even though it is not there you will see there are big tanks filled with Nitrous Oxide and Dustin is feeling no pain. In fact he is so high he is giving Laurence Olivier the a finger salute.

    (Spoiler Alert: Laurence Olivier gets the last laugh as Hoffman is getting a colonoscopy prep, colonoscopy and prostate exam at the same time, but Dustin turns the table as he gets a clean bill of health.)

    These are some of the things you do not get to see on Inside the Actor's Studio. James Lipton = Overrated compared to what we get to learn here :)
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    NG is running off stats/metrics for their bottom line. They probably guessed that doing further nerfs would benefit them. If you do not like where they are going, just vote with your wallet. I stopped buying weapons & radios. If their sales suffer because of further nerfs, they will revamp. I used to love the days when bruisers can stop lvl 30-35s pushing how high your crew can go. Now it is ho-hum and more of a chore for lvl 55-56 players as the economy is still way off in spite of promises to fix it. Credit and thanks to NG for improvements though and they are trying at some level. But sadly, 100 limit for walkers? Range nerf? Increased body shots? Luck, interrupt nerf? This shows we could not rely on traits purchased so just beware. They reserve the right to change the game.
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    Hitting them with the wallet becomes less damaging with the influx of new players who don't know or feel cheated by NG in anyway,.. They are the target spenders,.. That's why current players wishes are being ignored,.
    So I see it as our job (the longer term players) to inform and educate as many new players as possible to enjoy f2p as much as possible along with any records where youv claimed purchases back from the game,.. That list is growing bigger everyday,.. Apple user having more luck,. But android users,.. Don't give up,. Keep pestering away,.. Seein a few people now starting to win refunds :smile:
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    I can't really spend less, but videos--I can skip. Doesn't seem to be as much point in watching them these days, so not much of a boycott anyway.
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    The way I see it, the ground will always shift beneath our feet because the best way to progress will continue to change. Not for everyone but it's what we have.
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    I enjoy this game because I enjoy strategy games and I enjoy punching above my weight with these nerfs in particular making 100% interupt now 0% interupt they've effectively taken both things away from me and turned it into a straight up shooting game, I sincerely hope 2.3 brings some strategy back or at least a step in the right direction or I'll be looking for another game to play I think
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    You've made your petition. There's plenty of other threads for discussion. As it stands, this thread has run it's course.

    Like zbot already linked, a couple usefull posts by Shteevie (developer) can be found HERE and HERE.
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