freemen on steroids



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    Don't know about anyone else's opinion but in the 2.2.2 I was expecting a reduction in the free mans health and strength but youv just made it worse for us by lowering the % in cover mate,.. Please if you get the chance lower the freeman to more realistic levels
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    You think the freemen are op now. You should have seen them back when they were brand new. They could be 5+ levels below your dudes and still bleed you on a crit.

    A single hit from any freeman was instant injury.

    At least they can get body shots now.
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    I thought the freemen were our enemies and not our friends? The way I see it, the objective of the freemen is to have the walkers chow down on us instead of them... no?
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    My level 20 Abraham with a leveled up 22 assault rifle with awesome stats couldn't take down a bleeding level 14 assault raider that was around 1125 health in one shot. That's pretty ridiculous.
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    Just finished 14.4 normal with my level 15 survivors against level 17/18 freemen. Even though there's some difference in levels, that first assault took 9 shots to kill! With the hunter bonus in place, Daryls crit bonus and great stats on my gear. I'm glad I could use that container of walkers as a distraction or I'd definitely could never have made it through.
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    I've tapped out on 280 stars where I usually get around 350.
    Just can't be doing with all the extra hospital time.
    Wake me up when next week's challenge starts please.
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    @GreySeer I don't think the hunter bonus is in play on the story missions just scavenge and challenge missions.
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    so much hp and still alive :neutral:
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    Neil_J said:

    I've tapped out on 280 stars where I usually get around 350.

    Just can't be doing with all the extra hospital time.

    Hospital time is rough going. I find on some of these maps I can still get 60+ stars, but getting from 51 to 61 now means five 2-star runs with hospital time instead of three 3-star runs with hospital time and one 1-star run with hospital time.

    I'm at 330ish stars now but I have to keep going. A guild-mate challenged me to a star contest this week :) He's at 360. I have two challenges still under 50 stars so I'll keep working those, and see if I can squeeze a couple more stars out of couple challenges where I have 58 or 59.

    But if it weren't for this contest with my guild-mate, I'd probably be stopping at 330.

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