Clan wars

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Hello. There are ideas for updating on clan life in a game.
1 - vote for the rechoice of the leader of clan (will solve a problem of development of clan in case the acting leader has given up a game or is blocked for violations)
2 - clan wars. One clan attacks another. To take system of defense of outposts as a basis. To expand the map of the outpost to base for accommodation of 20 survivors. Each player provides for defense and the attack of one survivor. On each course during the game 30 minutes are allotted. If the player during this time hasn't made the course independently (offline), it is done by artificial intelligence (besides by analogy with the outpost). The leader of clan and the elder develop tactics and strategy, choose places of arrangement of survivors and their priorities in fight. It is possible to enter the additional ranks duplicating one of functions of the leader - the treasurer operates clan resources and buys improvements, the voivode distributes positions and tactics of participants in war, the recruiter - accepts and expels members of the clan. For a victory and successful defense to make prizes - separate currency for purchase of improvements of base (bags with sand, the parked cars, defensive points, boards) and the radio sets which are already entered into a game, gold, resources. The system can be made so. One clan declares war to another. Days are given on preparation, planning, arrangement. Then directly attack begins. The purpose can leave as in outposts - a flag, supplies and to kill defenders. It is possible to add a feature for "address" of the killed survivors (both attacking and defending) in walking mervets of the same level later 2 courses. If during two courses after murder not to make control blow in the head to a corpse - he addresses. And can attack both on attacking, and on defending, as in some missions of test. At "address" of the bouncer and attack planes become the zombie with the deafening attack, soldiers and shooters - armored, hunters and intelligence agents - usual walking, but plus 2 levels to the level of the killed survivor. I think, such system won't demand many forces and means from developers, but will significantly increase interest in a game and will add a real competitive element and an incentive to develop. At the moment the clan actually gives only additional awards for test and communication.


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