Useless crate gear

Can we just agree the gear coming from reward crates is 99% of the time useless? Can we just get rid of it? Seriously, this is getting to the point of frustration for me and is a real turn off in this game!

On a side note, I love this game and the things you guys do to work on it. I have played so many other games with attrocious customer service, glitches galore and nonsensical updates...all from big gaming companies too. Anybody ever play tap sports baseball by GLU? Worst ever...Great concept of a game but GLU has to be the worst and greediest company ever to appear on someone's device. Get hooked on that game and come back here and tell me NG is doing a terrible job lol Hats off to u're team all around...just ask that u continue taking advice and adjusting as needed.
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