PVP : Personal Win/Lose Ratios

I was raiding the other day when I caught myself wondering "Have I raided this person before? Did I make it through their walker defense? Did I win or flee or get annihilated?"

I thought maybe it would be nice if there was a way I could easily recognize a player I had already encountered in outposts, and maybe see what the score was between us. Did we both raid each other successfully, or had one of us thwarted the other... I mean, we can check the log, but with so many users its hard to keep track the old fashioned way.

It could also be cool to see the overall win:lose ratio of ourselves and other players, but if I had to choose a general or a personalized win:lose, I would prefer the personal interaction feature as i think it would have more practical use in my raiding.

Except maybe instead of win/lose it could display a greater variety of outcomes.

So what do you all think?


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