Weapon is weapon

Why I can't use any weapon in any level? The survivor should use any weapon in his class, doesn't matter the level of him or of the weapon...
Change it, please.


  • AngieMathesonAngieMatheson Member Posts: 93
    That brings back to my memory, 15 years ago when I was drill instructor for assault riffle "Cati" (a kind of licence for that weapon in my army).
    I had that skilled guys, and as a staff sergeant, I ordered the training guys to open fire : heard that typical noise of a jammed Famas, then I saw that "GI Joe" turning back with this gun toward us, wondering why the hell everyone was hiding on the ground...
    Yes, you can have any weapon in hand, but without the correct skills, you could be more dangerous for yourself or your pals, than for your foes
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