Lvl.19 gun but lvl. 20 survivors.

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Why i get a lvl. 19 gun in legendary crate? I have 2 lvl. 20 gunners.
My workshop is lvl. 17.


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    A flaw in the algorithm that calculates what equipment you should get based on your player level in the upper left corner. In another thread they said they thought the algorithm was a good one and would not have any problems with the algorithm and the new council level and the corresponding training grounds and workshop. There has been no word as to how long this recurring bug will be fixed. There is no guarantee a player level 56+ will get level 20 gear as of now.

    The 12.5K TG boxes are based on the highest level of the survivor of that class. For example, If the 12.5 K TG has hunter gear in it, it will be the level of your highest hunter.
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    Bug and flaw is a value judgement. It is known, and it has been stated there is no player level that will guarantee 20th level drops unless it says 20th level on the icon. You have to pay extra TG or cash for that. I assume, therefore, it is intended, flawless, and not a bug.
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    I'm not spending any of my hard earned TG on chests until we are certain to receive base level 20 gear for our level 20 survivors.
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    @ElKaputto, you should contact @Japes87 with your information. He's compiling data.
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    Lot's of info and opinions on this:

    and HERE

    (among others)

    One more gold nugget HERE.
    Shteevie said:

    We're looking at the gear drops for a few different modes. The list I posted above assumes that the players are upgrading with a priority for survivors, and I know that the hard scavenges need work [it's high on my priority list]. This, combined with the 19/20 level stuff, is frustrating to everyone [though I admit maybe more for others than me].

    I want stuff to be fair, for legendary stuff to be desired but also require time or effort to get [which increases as you near the end of the game], and for stuff way below your level to never appear. This probably takes a lot of small steps to correct instead of a single sweeping change.

    I hear you all, and we're working towards it.

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    If need be, continue here.
    Shteevie said:

    Most of the conversation here has been heading in the right direction, and the collaboration has come to a mostly correct conclusion.

    Here's a rundown of what I want to see with 2.3 as far as these issues are concerned:
    - Better gear rewards for hard scavenges
    - everyone can get to 58
    - legendary gear crates always give level 20 gear

    All of this is in the works now, but the content freeze is coming up very quickly and we have a short amount of polishing and bug squashing to follow. None of this can be promised, and you'll see mention of what we can confirm when the update teaser goes out and we announce the likely date. Best I can say is that 2.3 will be this year, and we're trying to focus on many issues like this one that have lingered for some time. I know that there are many of these in the game, and while I don't want to give the impression that everything will be brought to order, I have been excited about the progress the team has made.

    So. If we can pull it off, we'll ensure that everyone with level 19 council and all buildings complete will be able to get level 20 gear from legendary crates. I apologize for not being too forthcoming with info on this in the past, but it wasn't always clear that we'd fit the work that addresses this into 2.3. As is, we may not get it done, and therefore will continue to work on it so that the fix is in place ASAP.

    I would much rather fix this the right way than make a quick fix that would later be undone, as that would cause a lot of confusion. To compensate a bit, those of you who check your TG shops may see a new gift in there we haven't given before [it's a low chance, but I think we can leave it up until 2.3 to give everyone a chance to get it].

    I appreciate greatly that this thread has remained relatively civil. It may seem like a small thing to some, and uptight to others, but NML is a game targeted at adults, and we all deserve to be treated like adults. It's difficult for me to not empathize when the game is doing something that I don't want it to, especially so when we agree that it should be fixed in more or less the same way, but rational discourse is much more motivating to all of us to work together than vitriol.

    Run-on sentences aside, I'm going to get back to working on the BP issue so we can hopefully deliver in 2.3. Send me and excel your warmest thoughts.

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