Faster car refuelling as you level up the car

I would like to see faster refuelling as you level the car up, not just the ability to hold more fuel. Even knocking :45 seconds off each upgrade would be good. For many of us playing side missions needing 6 fuel, and the ability to hold 25 we play 4- 6 fuel games and have to wait approx 4 hours to refill depending if we find fuel or spend time farming. To me, it makes sense to keep those higher levels online and playing. Just selling gas for real $ isn't always the best option.


  • ChatturgaChatturga Member Posts: 3
    This is a great idea that has been crossing my mind lately as well.
  • WalkermanWalkerman Member Posts: 64
    I could see this being a possibility, but 45 seconds? After a level 10 upgrade you go from 4 hours 10 minutes to refill from 0 to 1 hour 2.5 minutes. While that sounds yummy, it goes wildly against the thought process of slowing game play and encouraging refills and gas booster purchases. I could see them reducing 10-20 seconds every level or every other level, but nothing close to a minute. They're not that generous. ;)
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  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738
    Great idea,..
    I can't see them being as generous as you asked for tho I'd be happy with a 10-20 second reduction,.. Anything that gets you playing quicker more often,. Like your thinking @Hershelshead
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    edited November 2016
    Actually believe this isn't ideal,and it does mean newer players are worse off.
    Lets say you have a new player vs a established player. They both have 0 gas and go to play a first level challenge.
    New player has to wait 30 mins
    Established has to wait 5 mins (or even 15mins if you reduced it by 30 seconds). So they could play all 6 challenges in the time it takes the new player to play 1.

    That doesn't make sense, it makes more sense to just reduce it across the board.
  • HershelsheadHershelshead Member Posts: 126
    edited November 2016
    I don't agree with across the board, the newer players are "worse off", they'd actually be in the same boat we started and would work towards a faster refuelling car. Worse off isn't the case at all, those new players who don't have 6 farm plots aren't considered worse off, they're working their way up. This would be the same, nothing more than an upgraded item.
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