Please address the legendary crate issue for once and for all for the community (edited)

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Before you arrived on scene , many players tested and created huge data samples to figure out systems in the game that were not explained or understood. One of those was the legendary gear crates and the level of gear received in them .

After level 20 gear was added back into the game , I personally reported a bug to you where level 19 gear was still dropping where it should not have been in legendary crates .. I explained the tier system and provided links to the data we came up with , I also said that you would get huge grief in the forums if It wasn't fixed . Now here we are ..
One of the reasons I am so upset doesn't have anything to do with the nerfs in 2.2 , it is actually the insistence at times that we must be imagining things and everything is "working as intended" ... the players who report this stuff to you guys , don't do it on a whim or with guesswork , it's ok that you fell into a position with NG late in the party, but you should be able to take value from those offering you info and not make them feel stupid for doing so . That Is between you and me , but I am making this post so people finally have clarity on this issue and (hopefully) to get it fixed.

I would just like you either to admit that you took away the 100% chance for us to receive gear at our player level from legendary crates (something we have always been able to count on) or realize that there is a problem and have it corrected. I know it's a much easier fix than the BP level discrepancies , and would create some much needed good will for you and your co-workers.

(The following is from the handy guide to trade goods thread from months ago )

Legendary Crate Gear Tiers ..

Level 55 camp = Level 19 gear
Level 52 camp = Level 19 gear
Level 49 camp = Level 18 - 19 gear
Level 46 camp = Level 17 - 18 gear
Level 43 camp = Level 16 - 17 gear
Level 40 camp = Level 15 - 16 gear
Level 37 camp = Level 14 - 15 gear

The above example shows how things were after level 20 gear was removed from the game . Before it was removed , it worked like this

Legendary Crate Gear Tiers ..

Level 55 camp = Level 20 gear
Level 52 camp = Level 19 - 20 gear
Level 49 camp = Level 18 - 19 gear
Level 46 camp = Level 17 - 18 gear
Level 43 camp = Level 16 - 17 gear
Level 40 camp = Level 15 - 16 gear
Level 37 camp = Level 14 - 15 gear

If there was level 21 and level 22 gear in the game, camp level 55 would see level 20 and 21 gear and camp level 58 would see level 21 and level 22 gear. Since there is neither , we should only be seeing level 20 gear out of legendary crates after camp level 55.

Thank you for your time , and I look forward to you addressing the community with the candor that you bring to many other threads on these forums.


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    As far as the gear in the missions is concerned, The level of gear depends upon the RSL and the range is +/- 3 the RSL. I play hard scavenger missions where the RSL is 21. The gear I get is in the range of 18 to 20 as there are no level 21 gear in the game.

    As far as the legendary crates are concerned, I am also curious how the level is determined. I am of the view the level of the weapon should be linked with the max survivor level just as the case with the equipment in the packages or the 12500TG crate.

    @Shteevie we would really need clarity on this.

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    I agree that was how it always worked before they took out level 20

    Now players 55-57 who worked hard to reach to that point is gambling the legend crate for 20s while getting 19s half the time.

    I have stopped buying legend crates due to this.

    I am glad they added the 12.5k equipment, however it is a very long grind to get there.

    Really hope next update can resolve this.
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    My rate since the update is nearly 30% Level 20 and 70% Level 19 for weapons for trading 7500 TG. My rate since the update is nearly 70% Level 20 and 30% Level 19 for armors for trading 7500 TG. I want good weapons and I have enough armors for exchancing. ;)

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    Simple economics that they are using about supply and demand.

    They saw the opportunity to market off the high level players which many probably spent some $ throughout their journey.

    Therefore making it harder for us to obtain level 20 weapons which creates a demand.

    Therefore through frustrations, many have to grind for that 12.5k crate or buy their weapon bundles to at least guarantee level 20s
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    I'm sure it works. One 12.5k with crappy traits and it's on the back of the list again for me. I'll try anything free once. I suppose I'll collect uncommon gear now.
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    I thought I worded this thread nicely enough to get a response .. guess not :(
    Perhaps someone more grammatically eloquent can re - ask the question nicer ?
    Really though .. with no proper answer we are left to assume the worst , along with the leaderboards (totally legitimate) questions .
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    I think the problem is: They already answered this.
    Yes, this is how they currently want the legendary drops to work.

    Both teeceezy and shteevie already confirmed this.
  • Japes87Japes87 Member Posts: 1,399
    @jimmorrison369 any chance you could find screenshots of this? All I've seen is Shteevie say it's working as intended and nothing was changed , that's the problem , nothing was changed when they added level 20 gear back into the game . I havent heard TeeCeezy weigh in on this at all .. sorry if I missed more of their comments on it , but there's a lot of threads to keep up with
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    They said that the formulas are different from what is assumed. Or at least that's how i remember it. They are the developers not us. They've answered on this topic on various places. Thing is this seem to be trying to force a preconceived answer. Doubt that's going to work.

    Maybe I'm wrong. But that's what i get from the repeated question. And believe me i understand there is frustration or anger or whatever emotion it causes (different humans respond differently to the same situation). And this thread is not the voice of just one person.

    They said they didn't change anything. Well at least not to purposely make lower gear drop.

    I believe them.

    If trust is the real issue here then any on topic answer here is moot.

    I don't know what's in everybody's minds so don't start ranting there's a mod chiming in. Most of what i just wrote may not apply to any reader at all so no need to feel offended. I'm not singling any one out and not attacking anyone. I'm not judging not critisizing and definitely not taking sides. Just voicing some of my thoughts. I am a player first and foremost.
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 2,070
    Nope, can't find it.
    I believe he said something like: "currently there is no player level where you can get 100% chance of lvl 20 gear from legendary crates."

    (This sentence means there is awareness and no direct intention to change it)
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    Slightly wandering, but still in the same ballpark - rare gear still dropping from gold crates.
    Did I not read somewhere that this was going to cease?

    (Or was it med-related hallucinations....)
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    Here's the response I received when I asked the question via ingame help.
  • NerfMeSidewaysNerfMeSideways Member Posts: 211
    Neil_J said:

    Slightly wandering, but still in the same ballpark - rare gear still dropping from gold crates.
    Did I not read somewhere that this was going to cease?
    (Or was it med-related hallucinations....)

    @Neil_J what you most likely read was someone suggesting that there shouldn't be a rare gear in a gold crate.

    SCBMAMizTy[Deleted User]
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    I'm new, so I don't have the best perspective on this. When level 20 gear was put back in, how was it announced "change reverted" "level 20 put back in" "level so added to"? If they changed the loot table to pull it out once, and didn't change it back the same way when putting it back in, that may be intentional or the person putting it back in didn't KNOW how it was setup before. I don't know the backstory on why it was pulled out or re-added in the first place. I just know from multiple other games, you will commonly get an answer of "we didn't change anything" when the real answer is "we didn't intentionally change anything in the way you think we did, and I can't make the association between the desired result and what has actually happened. But everything is now working as intended when we set it up this way."
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    The support message that @sligoem posted is untrue 100% ..

    Before level 20 gear was put back In , players at camp level 52+ received level 19 gear and level 19 gear only from legendary crates , there was no range because level 20 would have been the other possibility . Support also giving false information to the players.
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    @Japes87 yeah, I posted on that. There were 2 points mentioned and they said they didn't do anything at those two points to specifically decrease our gear drops. That may be factually true, but yet here we are with crap gear drops and soothing words. Yay!

    Edit: Oops, sorry. I was referring to the posts from devs on the forum dealing with this situation.
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    In the level 58 thread they're claiming that @58 it's 100% 20's. I'm not there yet so I can't confirm. Even if true the original formula was changed at least twice (I'm assuming the formula top end was never updated and only accounts for level 52+). Once when level 20 gear was removed and level 19 was 100% and then again when level 20 gear was put back in. And possibly a third time if level 58 is truly 100% 20's. That would make the top end of the formula look like this:

    52-57 19/20
    58+ 20

    p.s. That would appear to be somewhat good news or at least acceptable to me except that there's a building points but so not every maxed out "end gamer" will make it to 58 after everything is upgraded. See other thread for that discussion.
    Jerry Dixon
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    Again assuming it is a formula and not a table.
  • Japes87Japes87 Member Posts: 1,399
    @JerryDixon what you wrote above is spot - on. I have asked people in the GC who are able to reach level 58 camp to confirm with a screenshot if they receive any level 19 gear out of legendary crates and none so far , but the test sample is very small to this point. If we can confirm that it's 100% level 20 gear after camp level 58 though , it provides the next huge issue with the building point discrepancies . NG needs to address this with the players now unless they enjoy putting out fires later.
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    @Japes87 when shteevie was new, we mentioned the 20 gear reappearing and he replied "to my knowledge, they never stopped dropping."

    When I linked the thread about it disappearing, he never replied. Maybe he was swamped with tags, or maybe it's an economy issue they won't discuss. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt...

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    Null. I'm at the "I can't even" point again.
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    @IRONDee I applaud your patience and that you are able to give him the benefit of the doubt with this one .. for me, I just can't. As a member of the GC , I brought this directly to his attention personally .. after proving that he did not yet understand the rules for TG drops (which is totally fine as he wasn't with NG when it was introduced) .. the problem for me is that he said they would look into it and if there was a fix , they may not be able to impliment it right away etc..

    Then once it was brought up again , his tune had changed and all the sudden the data collector's information had to be wrong and everything was working fine / unchanged . If he had just came out and said , well we don't want people to have 100% chance at gear they can use out of legendary crates anymore so we can push bundles , I wouldn't have liked it , but I would have respected him owning it and left it at that . Instead , the way he has gone about this , including ignoring this thread , has made many many people upset and questioning lots of other things .. . If you say you don't mind feedback and the community asking you questions and will answer to the best of your ability , don't pick and choose when and who you answer . Everything about this thread is within the rules,

    So I'll continue to await a response ..
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    I am bothered by the fact that the gear we pull from crates is not guaranteed to be level 20, even when you are maxed out. I am also bothered by the fact that I seem to have the lowest (or close to the lowest) number of BP for maxed out players, meaning I am going to be at level 57 for a looooong time, since there's nothing else I can build. But I could live with all of this *if* I were still able to get level 20 gear the way I used to get 'top level' gear... through the purchase of golden crates.

    Back before the TG store, those of us who didn't do Outposts really only had golden crates on which to spend our TG. Some of you may recall that I would buy 100-200 golden crates at once, then post my data from the pulls for the board. While there were obviously a lot of food and XP pulls, I also received a fair amount of gold, radios and yes, gear. And a good chunk of that gear was epic and legendary. And once I topped level 55, it was all level 19. All of the 'good' level 19 gear I have came from these crates.

    If I were able to use my large stack of TG on pulling golden crates, and if those crates contained the same % of epic and legendary gear, and that gear was all now at level 20, the other issues could be something with which I could deal. But the way things stand now, I cannot buy more than one golden crate at a time, to a max of 3 a day. No more 'numerous pulls' at once. As of now I have no epic or legendary level 20 gear, and don't expect to ever get any unless I pay tons of TG to get it at 7,500 or 12,500 per shot.

    Hence, I'm hoarding TG and waiting for Hunter Week... sigh...
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    Double post deleted.
  • Japes87Japes87 Member Posts: 1,399
    I would ask that any player that reads this and is able to hit level 58 camp (I know many cannot because of the bug) please post a screenshot if you receive level 19 gear out of a legendary crate . More data the better and it will give us something to do in this thread until it is replied to . I share your feelings btw @TransmuteJun , being able to get level 20 gear to upgrade for our new level 20 survivors would have made the 2.2 pill a lot easier to swallow
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    Hmmm might be able to provide an answer in a few weeks...depends on how much I want to farm with Glenn...
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    I'm at Player Level 57 with 747/1250 with my last building (Radio Tower) being upgraded. It looks like I'm going to be about 100 BPs short. I can hope that the number of BPs varies and it helps me get to Level 58. I doubt it, but what else am I going to use those tomatoes for? There's no more TG trading with them. :disappointed:
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