Some help for a new player please

Hi everyone, I'm new to the game and the forum ( council level 5 only but I have unlocked Glenn) so I hope I'm welcomed. Please help me I'm currently a bit ambiguous about these things ( sorry if the questions are asked already or they are too nooby)
1. What are weekly challenges and what do it do?
2.What is guild for and if you have any guild I'd love to join ^^
3. What are the events? I've seen events like shooter and scout events. Are they random? Do they happen every week?
4. What are some more ways to earn radios and tokens?
5. Which are the most useful classes? Are the melee classes worth it late game?
6. Is there any heroes weapons besides Daryl's crossbow, morgan's staff and Lucille?
7. What should I stock up my trade goods to buy? I'm tempted to buy some radios but I don't know whether they are worth it.
8. Can other players steal my trade goods in raid?
9. How to get more equipments besides opening crates and doing story missions?
10. I'd love some extra tips for a beginner.

As stated, I'd love to have a guild to join. If you have one and is recruiting new players, I'll be pleased to join.
Again, sorry if the questions are too nooby. I'm a newbie after all.
Thanks guy.


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    1. Trade goods for you. More connected with 2.
    2. It will come. There's a whole section of the forums for guild recruitment. That will make 1. more relevant
    3. Yes. As random as the mind of NG, they decide, we play. They are on a theme now, class by class. No guarantees
    4. Play play play
    5. Also as random as the mind of NG. They balance things out of nowhere. So try them out and see what suits your playstyle. Have some fun with it and don't look for perfection.
    6. Yes. Carol's knife, etc. Regular survivors can use them too, there's no special bonus for Carol with Carol's knife, for example.
    7. Radios and tokens are good at your level. Save large equipment purchases for later. But have some fun too, advise is good until it cuts into fun.
    8. Not anymore. Which means for now.
    9. See 10.
    10. Explore the forums while waiting for gas.
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    Welcome @CreatureoftheNight !!

    @dale gave you some great info there!!

    Just to add.. Hoard your Gold for now! Take your time with Building Survivor Upgrades.. no need to use Gold to rush.. slow & patient wins that race! (Unless you're a cash cow.. then have at it lol)
    I get rushing Healing time here & there but I personally would concentrate on Survivor Slots & refilling Gas tank when you just have to keep playing! ;)

    Don't purchase any Gear just yet!! Save purchases for gear when you're much higher lvl!! It's a waste otherwise! Also I wouldn't worry too much on Upgrading Weapons just yet cause you will be replacing them quite often in the beginning.. that is unless you need an extra boost!!!

    Hmmmmm... I had another thought when I started writing this.. but I lost it somewhere over there ----> :joy:

    Here are 2 great links that I would take some time to read!!! Wish I had known about them in the beginning!!!
    Especially the Guide from an Amazing Vet here in Forums.. OneLessTitan!!

    Here is his Awesome Guide:

    & the NML Wiki:'s_Land_Wikia

    Happy Slaying!! & someone's always around to help!! So ask, ask, ask away!!!

    There Are No Such Things As Stupid Questions.!!
    There Are However.. Plenty of Stupid Answers!!

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    As another new player who just recently went through a lot of this.

    Dale covered a lot of the general bases. His deferring on the hero items though, There are other hero items, Carol's Knife (the one with the knuckle guard) and Ezekiel's King's Scepter are in the store for me right now, other's have reported getting Morgan's Staff and someone even had a higher level Daryl's crossbow they posted the other day.. They all rotate through at some point or another it seems.

    For new player tips, from my experience so far and compounding and studying advice given to me in other places.

    Don't bother leveling any Survivor under a 3* (other than heroes) it's tempting with your early characters, but I found I wasted a lot of time trying to drag everyone up to the same level before advancing early on. after a few weeks, you will get a feel for Traits and a little more knowledge and you will find 90% of radio calls end up just converting to tokens. Gear, I don't level anything that isn't Blue or better with good traits. (only survivor level 10 currently, so not that far ahead, but upgrading an at level item takes like half my xp bar, can't waste on things that aren't REALLY good.

    Trade Goods: Use them for Tokens and Radios. I was able to unlock Maggie due to grabbing her every time she was in store and a couple lucky pulls. once you are high level, gear might be worth it, but as a low level player, TG income isn't that good yet. (also grab the carol Wolf costume in store right now to hide your ugly survivors, you will be thankful) Gear can be upgraded a maximum of three times, so wasting a ton of Trade goods (or gold or cash) on a legendary gear item at level 7 isn't going to last you two weeks. Also the "bundles" in store are one time purchases, so save those until the "full supplies" is actually meaningful.

    Gold: In the future, it will have use for extra crates after nightmare missions to try to get remaining gold crates that could be gear. For now, I only use Gold to upgrade my survivor spots. with the "3x this class" daily missons, you will eventually want to carry at least three of every type, so important to keep upping your roster space.

    Ads: Theatre ads don't affect frequency of mission completion ads, so do them every time they pop up. Mission ads, save for gold chests you didn't get with your first three pulls.

    (extreme new player tip) Until you are doing missions that are recommended survivor level 10 or higher, they weekly Season 7 missions (the first two) are great to replay. they are survivor level ten on the second one, it costs 1 gas, and you use heroes at level 10 you don't have to heal.
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    Oh!!! Radios!! Stick to using the 15 Radio Call!! Best Bang for Your Buck type of deal with that ;)
    There Are No Such Things As Stupid Questions.!!
    There Are However.. Plenty of Stupid Answers!!

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    @Rgerkman gave you 2 great links to check out. I was going to offer the same.

    Welcome to the game and forum!!!
    Happy hunting!!!!
  • Wow this is nice guys, you are so helpful. I appreciate all the great help.
    Just one more question: I've had 3 free 15-radio-call and the next one is in about 20 hours. Are they infinite? Can I get a free call every day forever or is it just some random thing?
    Again, I very much appreciate the great advices and tips from you guys.
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    The free gold call is only this week. Your messages (envelope icon) should contain a message about that).

    After this week the free call will be back to the standard bronze (1 radio).

    The free call is upped every now and then.

    A very nice freebie!
  • widowmakerwidowmaker Member Posts: 58

    You can join our guild Camp Citadel, we are recruiting if you are still looking :-)
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,416
    @widowmaker, please keep the recruiting to the guild discussion portion of the forum.
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