Gas regeneration needs to be lightened a little... seriously.

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We all know that being able to play non-stop is a premium, if you want to go NOW then buy some gas.
This is fine. NG needs to profit and this is a premium item they should not remove... but making the wait time soooo looong is a bit of a strain for people, especially those first getting into the game.

Many freemium games use time as an incentive to pay, but i seriously feel like the gas time is simply too heavy-handed here for the price of missions.

As it stands, Gas currently regenerates 1 gas can every 10 minutes. (6 per hour)
This should, in my opinion, be eased a bit to 1 can every 6 minutes (10 per hour)

This not only would make the wait less of a slap in the face, but would get more players checking into the game a bit more often.
We would still have to pay a premium to play non-stop for extended periods of time, but we also wouldn't have to wait 3 hours to fill our tanks to go run a challenge or two during the week.

Isn't 2 hours enough for a full tank? You know this won't impact the sales of gas... it might actually improve sales of gas because more people will get hooked on the game instead of dying of old age waiting for their tank to fill. ;) The hard core challenge grinders will still want to push the limit, the gas-per-mission cost will rise on average as people get to higher tiers. More players will get into weekly challenges as they find there is "more to do" without needing to wait so long.

FInding that sweet spot will improve your sales overall, rather than pushing potential customers away to more forgiving freemium games.

We's still have to wait, we'd still have to use gold to skip that wait... it just wouldn't be so ridiculous!

Please take a serious consideration to this proposal.
I think it would be a very reasonable change.
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  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    Its been asked/stated many times before, as well as asking for them to introduce another/different type of energy for events. Hopefully it's in consideration or in the works.
  • aysatyoaysatyo Member Posts: 352
    i say 1 can every 1 minute and let the devs bargain.. :dizzy:
  • snolpesnolpe Member Posts: 92
    1 every 5 minutes sounds perfect imo
  • JenJen Member Posts: 74
    I think 2 hours makes sense as this is about how long it takes to regenerate from a 1 star mission during a challenge
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    All This GAS thing is the weakness point of this game. I wrote many times that there is many other way how to earn money on this game without forcing people to buying gas for ridiculous amount of gold.
    Since release date - November I never bought GAS for gold! Why? You know ectactly why.
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    In a post-apocalyptic world where gas is short, I might be tempted to get around on a bicycle.
    None to be found in this world though........... ;)
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    Haha @Neil_J is true


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