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    I'm with @Ruthless. If it worked with our survivors, then why not on our weapons @Shteevie? Allowing no ceiling on the survivors was one change that NG made that not a single player bitched or moaned about other than an occasional "oh why did I retire that level 15 hunter with perfect traits?" Make it so #1...
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    .. I'd say it rather looks support didn't read your message at all :*
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    Yeah nice bullock lol
    I'm glad that I'm not buying anything above £3 except first bundles with full supplies ;)
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    Shteevie said:

    We're having a meeting about new weapons later this week! Maybe we can get some new ones in early next year. Any suggestions?

    Proper crossbow without any threat making.
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    There should be a shooter weapon trait that does the same, close range through a walker head to nail the one behind too kind of thing
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    Well, let's see:
    The spear has the correct damage for a spear of that level. The spear delivered is of the level it needs to be. Since the player was not promised any kind of exact values before purchase, it is not possible that those promises were not fulfilled. If the player has an unfounded assumption that the spear would have any specific damage values, that is something different, and beyond our control.

    If I were a support professional, and I received the messages shown here, I don't think I would be inclined to respond any differently. Customers and employees are both human, and mutual respect is the foundation upon which all trade and communication are based. If a customer refuses to treat support staff as humans, I would imagine they are confronted with similar relationship issues often.
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    @Shteevie and please don't show me examples of weapons that have been sold. Those do not count lol
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    Hubris and arrogance. Be customer centric and respectful. Everything wrong is in our minds and we must be wrong. We our trying to raise a valid point. We are paying customers that are demanding fairness & equity and if this the business philosophy of NG, you will lose a lot of goodwill and potential business.
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    I agree the Spear should read less damage , same as the unique assault weapon just for clarity , I'm sure the last thing NG wants is a fresh load of refund requests from Gplay and the Apple store. It is true that every weapon has the same base damage and it is reasonably assumed that would be the case in paid bundle weapons as well.

    The thing I don't understand is the people saying that this is what creates a divide between P2P and F2P players in this game .. IMO this happened already ×10 with pink star survivors brought into the game. An 8-10 star pink survivor is a huge advantage in any part of this game , and nobody has an 8-10 star survivor that hasn't paid a good deal of real money for it . The spear is nice , but not as game-breaking as the paid survivors . The P2P vs F2P ship sailed away long ago in NML
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    @Shteevie, any professional would give a refund, not use misleading sales practice (should have mentioned less damage) and most definitely not responded in the way you/ng did to a legitimate complaint, how about you/ng show some respect to the labrats and us labrats may respond in kind.

    It would appear that NG has a no refunds policy, you might want to add a stage to the purchasing procedure to make this clear to customers (even though it wouldn't stand up to my and other country's laws).
    At end of the day consumers have rights even if the purchase is digital.

    Hopefully, with all due respect, there's a nice flash building opposite NG headquarters with a mirror finish so you can all look out the windows and have a good hard look at yourselves (also note that those little thing scurrying about out there aren't labrats but real people who spend real money to make purchases).
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    I agree the ship sailed with Morgan's staff. If this weapon had actually useful scout traits like interrupt (still somewhat useful) or swift strike then it would be more unbalancing. As is, I don't think so, it is a nice collector's item but not a game changer.
    I don't resent the pay to win aspect of pinkies, gas boosters, etc. It's a nice touch for when someone has extra time/cash on their hands and wants to play a game they like at a higher level. I think some people go a bit overboard only if they are not spending truly disposable income. Addiction is an ugly thing and I hope people avail themselves of the help that is out there.
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    @Dlblis I think the dividing line is--was the raw damage listed along with the traits and level when you clicked on the portrait. It is not on my system, and that is the crucial missing piece of information needed to make an informed decision. I can see how @Shteevie saying well _technically_ we didn't lie to you, in so many words, is cold comfort. It doesn't help the situation.
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    I also bought the spear! That cannot be there is something we have to rely on. Know you veginn to nerve also the damage value! You can ask your staff how much i already invested in the game! i want a refund !! for my 23€ for this bundle or you close this bug!!
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    They can hear us more loudly if we close our wallets to their sales pitch. Plain and simple. They do not respect customers.
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    If you offer something the must be a correct description. I dont want to buy a black box not knowing which kind of colour the rabbit has thats coming out
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    Ok, beside all of the trouble around base damage.... This is a wonderful weapon and a lot of fun to play with it. I don't regret the purchase at all. At a certain angle, you can even hit three walkers (diagonal line). The scout is even more useful than ever with the speer. It adds a bit more range, meaning you don't need to get into close contact.
    Thumbs up for this weapon. I love it!
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    These unique weapons should be available in the TG store like Lucille was. Even if it is overpriced like 15-20k, it still would give FTP players a fair choice. I'd love to try this weapon. It would give the underpowered scout a nice bonus. But it's not different enough from what a warrior does to be willing to spend cash for it.
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    @Shteevie May I know so what now? Are you correcting it to the right damage power or I should ask for a refund?
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