Choose from 2 Special Offer: Change it

Currently its pretty clear that the choose from 3 is the only radio option that is actually viable. From trial and error any other choice is just not worth it compared to that.

That includes the "special" offer. You need to change it, here are some suggestions, the first one being the best in my opinion:

1. Do not choose from 2. Just give the tokens, 8, 32, 64 or 128. Depending on how lucky you get.

2. Make it cost 5 radios like the normal choose from 2.

3. Change the survivor minimum stars on it to 3 like the choose from 3 option.


  • widowmakerwidowmaker Member Posts: 58
    I argree it takes ages to get enough from radio to upgrade players, 2 just isn't worth it .
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