Does the season 7 episodes mission increase with difficulty?

Last week, I noticed that the recommended level of survivors was 3-4. But this week episode it went up to 7-8. Do they increase in difficulty?
I'm afraid of not being able to beat these missions and get radios and tokens anymore cause my survivors are Lv 7 only


  • FelioFelio Member Posts: 103
    Every week seems to be pretty consistent in difficulty. It scales to your level, though. To go all the way to 5/5, you'll have to beat walkers 2 levels higher than your survivors, just like the rest of us.
  • I'm fine if the walkers are only 2-3 level higher. Anymore than that and it's impossible to me.
    Glad to know it is based on my level. I was afraid that it was based on the maximum level, meaning I will have to deal with lv 20 walkers
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