Ep 10 Lvl 6 help desperately needed!! Advice pls?

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Been playing almost one month. Player Lvl 30, Council 12, TG 11, Wkshp 9. Have one legendary scout, plus epic scout, hunter, warrior & bruiser, all Lvl 11. Working on leveling all up (gonna take a long time, tho!) Last weekly challenge got a PB of 154. This last level of Ep 10 has been giving me major grief! My toughest to date. Any suggestions greatly appreciated

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    Perhaps this can help you:

    It would be good if you are able to bring at least 2 hunters and 1 assault with you to complete this mission.

    IGN: Gabriel
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    Thanks, @gabriel_lwh - I've seen the video. They've been helpful in the past, often. My assault is the only one still leveling up from
    Lvl 8. If she's absolutely necessary guess I'll have to wait a while. Anyone beat Ep 10 with a different combo?? My hunters, shooter & warrior all hit pretty hard for being only Lvl 11.
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    Hey, gabriel_lwh Took yr advice. Leveled up my Assault to 10, went with my epic warrior and my best hunter, Lvl 11 & 12. Got through the very first time! Got my butt kicked but survived it. Thanks!
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    Hey @gabriel_lwh

    My bad. Forgot the "@"...
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    My new Assault, Dax. Leveling her up now but she got me thru Ep10 M6 which was killing me
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