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Can anyone tell me ( a noob) what are the pros and cons of each traits? What are the best combinations of them and what is the thing that I should definitely need in my team? Vice versa, what are the less desirable traits and why should I avoid them?


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    There's an awesome page by @OneLessTitan which has incredibly in-depth information about the game: Hope this helps!
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    This is what you're looking for in particular.
  • Thanks man. That guide is really helpful.
    But if you aren't bothered, may I ask how do Interrupt work?
    Also, I've heard that Interrupt and Lucky recently received a nerf, what was it about?
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    @CreatureoftheNight - interrupt only has the chance to work in overwatch (when you have an action point remaining on your survivor, but hit "end turn" and your survivor attacks on the walkers turn). In the past, interrupt worked 100% of the time and against all Walker levels (assuming you had traits giving you 100% interrupt). After 2.2 update, interrupt only works when your attack doesn't result in a body shot (so a normal or critical attack result). As walkers get more levels above your survivor level, the chance of body shot increases, so the chance of interrupt decreases as the walkers levels increase.

    Edited to add: not sure if I answered the question, but what interrupt actually does is to prevent a Walker/enemy from attacking you on their turn by "interrupting" their attack. It's a tactic used to protect your survivors and do some damage at the same time.

    2nd edit: as for luck, on the link from teeceezy, both the old and current systems of luck are described in the luck section.
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