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Hi guys quick question I use this game on my iPad but had a iPhone for Xmas off the wife will I be able to play on both devices ??
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    Thanks Zoson yeah logged in great stuff
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    Send me a PM if interested
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    Thanks @zoson!
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    Zoson , you are the greatest at answering questions! I always tell my guild that !
    You rock! :)
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    You're welcome guys. Just trying to help everyone improve!
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    When I first started, I was so confused as to which way to go, you really helped me understand a lot! TY so much, Darkfae also ! We get newbies in our guild that don't know about the forum. I always tell them to go here, for great expert advice! ;)
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    Love members that help out the community, @zoson is one of the best.

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    @zoson - do you know if I can play two different games on one device? I have a mini me on my husband's iPad and gamecenter account. Sometimes he want his iPad back (I guess I do look pretty selfish using 2 iPads and iPhone at same time). Anyway, I signed out of my Game Center and signed into his Game Center on my iPad. My main game was loaded then I got a message that another game was found. I was afraid to load my mini account as I was afraid of losing my Felecia game. Any advice? My second game was originally to help build our second guild. Then of course I saw all of those wonderful cheap bundles you get when you start out. Haha. Thanks for your help! I do,get possession of his iPad an hour or so a day now :/
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    You will be fine i was afraid of the same thing at first. It will be okay
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