Strange gear level drops at walker levels

I have been playing this game for a while now. Long enough to get my characters to all 5-6 star, level 20.

I have done many, many, many missions and I have long seen the trend that the level of gear that drops is equal to the base level of walkers in the mission, usually being 1 or 2 star gear. Silver and gold chests adding +1 and +2 to the base level or increasing the chance at a higher star level. Of course there is a lot of randomness on top of this, but this is still the general trend.

So, it goes like this....

Level 15 walkers, level 15 gear
Level 16 walkers, level 16 gear
Level 17 walkers, level 17 gear
Level 18 walkers, level 18 gear
Level 19 walkers, level 19 gear............

Since gear is capped at 20, I it seems that fighting higher than level 20 walkers just translates into straight increase in star level. level 21 and 22 walkers give me mostly level 20 gear at 2 or three stars.

Since last night, my Hard mode scavenge missions are showing level 23 walkers and since the jackpot event is happening I bought unlimited gas and have done that mission maybe 50 times. The average gear drops are acting like a level 17 walker mission. Most of the gear drops are 17 or even 16 and it takes a gold chest to get a 19 or 20 and even then it is only 1-2 stars.

I understand statistics and I know what randomness is. However, I think I have a large enough sample set to confidently say that something is off on these higher level missions.


  • MaebalzurakinMaebalzurakin Member Posts: 50
    Sometimes I let my son play a few missions for me. I have never mentioned any of the above post to him. Today he ask me, "Dad, why have the items in the chests gotten a lot worse?"

    Could be a genetic defect in perception, or it could be true.
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