Should I retire my only legendary survivor?

I'm new to the message board and after reading a few posts I see most people are saying anyone with vigilant is pretty much a bust. Should I retire my survivors with that trait?
Also my Maggie hero has that trait. Should I retire her and hope to get her again. Thanks in advance for the advice.
And also notice the survivors I have with that trait all seem to have the most stars of all my survivors


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    Even though Vigilant isn't considered a desired trait.. I would not retire any of those survivors just because they have it.. especially at your level! They do have other desirable traits! So hang onto them until something better comes along!

    My second account is at your same survivor level and I hang onto the best that I can at that time.. Plenty of time to find better survivors! Congrats on the legendary so early in the game! :smile:

    Also you can not retire heroes.. it's not an option.. Maggie is very useful for XP missions!
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    @dubgizzle all the different Heroes have the same traits, and get them in the same order as you upgrade them. So everyone's Maggie will be the same, everyone's Daryl.... etc.

    There's a few posts in the forums you can search for that lists what traits Heroes will get and their special
  • dubgizzledubgizzle Member Posts: 5
    Awesome. Thanks for the advice. You guys were very helpful
  • dulinquartersdulinquarters Member Posts: 481
    Maggie is by far my FAVORITE hero!! Every time you take her on a mission as leader you get a percentage higher in XPs on kills!! It really can add up. I personally would not scrap a survivor due to 1 less favorable trait.
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