Using your valuable gas

What are the best ways to use precious fuel? I mainly scavenge for supplies, am up to 11/3 and council 11

Should I be doing more outposts or challenges? Challenge rewards seem shit but are easy I guess


  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    Whatever man, it al depends on what you're after.

    Any part of the game will get attention from me.
    I want stuff from the TG store, so I raid.

    I want to upgrade buildings, weapons and survivors, so I scavenge food, xp and gear.

    I definitely want the stars, both for the personal satisfaction of improving on myself and for the personal and guild rewards.

    And it replenishes anyhow, so it's not that precious I guess.
  • R2runfastR2runfast Member Posts: 332
    Scavenging for equipment is pointless once you get to level 17 gear. Trust me, I've tried and tried and tried some more for the hell of it.
    The ONLY way to get decent gear is in the TG shop or if you're really lucky... higher level challenge missions.
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