New to the game - tips, advice, guidance?

Hi all - I downloaded this game yesterday, so I'm very new! I've read a few general guides online but a lot of them are from 2015 and I imagine a lot has changed since then.

So what are the key things you think I should know as a new player?

Just to give you all some info:
- I'm currently level 5
- I've finished the Terminus questline
- I've unlocked Darryl

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  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
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    Go play the season 7 missions, For the first two you get tv characters to play with (you don't get to keep them, but they are at a level that is suitable to beat the two first missions). Maybe you even have suitable survivors for the next missions after that.

    You may want to look at THIS thread.
    While it is veterans exchanging their tips and not explaining them much, so you may find stuff confusing there sometimes, but you are very welcome to ask questions.

    Hold on to your gold for now. You'll find use of it soon enough. Just don't waste it on rushing through upgrading buildings.
  • Jcsking1Jcsking1 Member Posts: 43
    Hey MadPuppy - thanks for the response, and that thread is very helpful! Are there more posts like that?

    I just have a few questions which I think weren't covered in that thread:
    - How do I obtain heroes from the TV show and do I get to keep them? I have Daryl at the moment but I understand he leaves?
    - I'm not currently in a guild, should I join one and what are the benefits?
    - Will the game continue to provide tutorials and teach me about new features?
    - What do the stars below a survivor's name represent?
  • Jcsking1Jcsking1 Member Posts: 43
    Thanks again MadPuppy - I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions and provide so much useful feedback.

    I feel like I have a better grasp on the game already! I'll keep checking the forums to see what others are saying and maybe one day I'll be in a position to help others too.

    Just to clarify - I can obtain heroes from the show and keep them? I gather I need tokens for this, are they pretty rare?
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    Some are more rare than others.

    You'll get them from season 7 missions.
    From radio calls.
    Some story missions have Daryl tokens.
    The TG store has them.
    Maybe I'm forgetting a source.

    Once you've played a while you'll have seen them regularly.
    Once unlocked you will need more tokens of that hero to upgrade them.

    They are meant to stay with you thoughout your playing experience, so they will be slower to get and upgrade.
  • Jcsking1Jcsking1 Member Posts: 43
    Thanks again - got a few more questions if that's ok? Let me know if I'm pestering too much!

    - What's the TG store?
    - What's the best way to spend gold? (e.g. speeding up production, opening extra crates, etc.)
    - Is there a limit to how many videos I can watch to open extra crates?
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    I knew this was a bad idea.

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  • Jcsking1Jcsking1 Member Posts: 43

    I hope I'm posting this in the correct place? This is the 1st time I've actually attempted anything social on the internet, so a big round of applause for me. I've been playing for a little while now, my survivors are at level eleven, patiently waiting for my farms to all upgrade to get at level twelve. Like I said 1st time social so never planned on wanting to try something like a guild with players I don't know but I spread my wings and started playing in the Outpost and I like that. I can't help it but I would really like to try out playing a guild, but I'm still really unclear of how it all works. If someone could help me out, your time would be appreciated. I also keep responding to guilds recruiting and keep getting rejected?? Also very, very dumb when it comes to acronyms or internet slang. Thanks kindly.

    Hey, it might be best to create a separate thread for these questions.

    You can check the Guild forums to find a Guild - it worked for me :)
  • anniesprinklesanniesprinkles Member Posts: 276
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    Can't find it, an hour is up.
    "A Rott's tough exterior is merely a protective shell that hides a wealth of sensitivity they have within"
    Johnny "Drama" Chase

  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    Try some guild with no required stars or low amount(stars are aquired in challenges(wednesday-monday, 6 maps with rising difficulty each time you pass, max 3 stars per mission)).
  • MizTyMizTy Member Posts: 1,335
    Don't let the Internet intimidate you. We're here to help!

    I sent you a direct message, it's in your Inbox (look in forum menu in upper left corner of screen).

    And don't hesitate to create a New Discussion and get your questions answered. It's what the forums are for. The worst that will happen is a grumpy old moderator will merge your thread with a similar one & that will just get your questions answered that much faster!

    Happy hunting!

    Oh, and in the upper right hand corner of the screen is a Search function (looks like a magnifying glass) that can help you find threads by subject. Just soz ya knowz :blush:
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    Jcsking1 said:

    Thanks again - got a few more questions if that's ok? Let me know if I'm pestering too much!

    - What's the TG store?
    - What's the best way to spend gold? (e.g. speeding up production, opening extra crates, etc.)
    - Is there a limit to how many videos I can watch to open extra crates?

    You'll have found the TG store by now I guess. Tapping left bottom and finding it's tab.
    It refreshes every 7 hours to give you one free item, and the rest for Trade Goods (TG).
    You'll earn that through playing.

    As a beginner, just hold on to it for the first weeks at least. Get a grip on the game first.
    Speeding things up... don't do it. It'll get done quick enough.
    Extra crates, sure, but don't expect golden mountains.
    One or two extra survivor slots is good. I did that, never regretted it.
    I worked on getting enough slots to have room for three of each survivor class.

    Limit to video's. Sure, you'll just get so many and then they run out.
    After a while (half a day or so) they return.
    It can be spotty here and there. Just take them when they come round.
  • Jcsking1Jcsking1 Member Posts: 43
    Hey @MadPuppy as you guessed, I have figured out the answers to most of these questions by now, but I really appreciate you providing a response anyway.

    Your advice on gold is very helpful :)
  • foxx70foxx70 Member Posts: 104
    @MadPuppy what specific actions do i need to do in order to get leadership bonuses from heros ive searched and cant find a list
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    If you put the hero in the left spot when selecting your team for the mission, that will activate their leader trait.
    I think this is a good list currently:

    Daryl Dixon (Hunter)
    - Silent Shot: Ranged attacks have X% chance of not creating threat and X% better critical chance
    Rick Grimes (Shooter)
    - Close Call: Your survivors' attacks deal more damage if the target is next to an ally
    Michonne (Warrior)
    - Thinning The Herd: Your team's melee kills have a chance of reducing threat and a chance of regaining an action point.
    Carol Peletier (Scout)
    - Aim For The Head: Increase the chance of critical attacks by X%
    Abraham Ford (Assault)
    - Bitch Nuts: Ranged attacks do X% more damage and ranged characters' health increased by X%
    Glenn Rhee (Scout)
    - Lucky Dumpster: Kills yield X% of the XP as Supplies
    Maggie Greene (Hunter)
    - Harvest Red: Enemy kills yield X% more XP
    Paul “Jesus” Monroe (Warrior)
    - Hand-to-Hand: Melee attacks do X% more damage and melee characters' health increased by X%
    Rosita Espinosa (Assault)
    - Only Need One: Your survivors' attacks that only have one target deal X% more damage.
    Tara Chambler (Shooter)
    - Healing Charge: Your survivors' Charge attacks heal the user for X% health
    Negan (Bruiser)
    - Survival Instinct: When low on health, you survivors deal X% more damage and take X% less damage.
  • Jcsking1Jcsking1 Member Posts: 43
    Hey @MadPuppy - this is a great list, I think everyone would like to see this.

    I have a few questions about the heroes (if I can post them here?):
    - Rick's trait - do you know what constitutes 'next to an ally'?
    - Has anyone got Negan yet or will we have to wait until the end of the S7 missions?

    Based on this list, I'd love to get: Tara, Negan, Michonne, Abraham - they all seem to have very useful traits!
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    Next to = the squares immediately adjacent, both horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

    Negan unlocks through the season 7 missions, so no-one has him yet, and by playing those missions everyone can get him. Only the first two parts of the s7 missions give Negan tokens, and those can be played with the given hero survivors at a cost of 1 gas per fight. So that should be doable for everyone.

    All of them have their merit. It depends a lot on personal play style as well.
  • Jcsking1Jcsking1 Member Posts: 43
    Thanks @MadPuppy for the response.

    Interesting about Rick, I guess that makes him slightly less useful as I often space my survivors out to attack different enemies.
  • LilLuna86LilLuna86 Member Posts: 9
    Always make sure to consistently upgrade your base. It will keep leveling you up so you can always upgrade your gear and train your men.
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