Regular zombie attacks against the guild

Hi all,

Suggestion challenge for guilds:

Regular zombie attacks against the guild

1) Build a guild shelter, with various improvements to repel the waves of zombies
2) Each level of the shelter gives a bonus or capacity to each for the development of its own shelter
3) Each player in the guild can put the number of characters in defenses for the guild shelter, as long as there are players able to fight the zombies, there are waves of attacks.
4) Fend off waves of zombies give gifts / resources to the guild that can share them for his own shelter or use them to develop / improve guild shelter
5) possibility to make automatic or manual guild missions to harvest resources / weapons and possibility to fabricate weapons only for the guild
6) a table showing each player's investment in the guild, time, resource, mission, gift etc.
7) Possibility to gather several guilds before the start of the zombie waves event, which will increase the difficulty depending on the number of guilds
8) the characters used for the guild will be unavailable 24 hours after the end of the event or available if all the waves of zombies have been pushed back

What are your opinions and ideas?


  • HaiyanHaiyan Member Posts: 156
    I like better the waaaaaalll breeaaaaachhh aaaaaaaaggggghh thread :)
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