2.3 Update Notes

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2.3 Update Notes

Gameplay / Balancing

  - Overwatch logic now considers the range of each survivor’s Overwatch attack when choosing when these are used.
      - In general, melee survivors on overwatch should have their kills ‘stolen’ by ranged survivors less often.
      - Additionally, survivors on Overwatch should attack the walker that is closer to them more often.
  - Players preparing to raid an Outpost have their gas refunded if the player comes online before the raid has started.
  - Players’ Building Points were being inconsistently calculated, based on the date at which the player joined the game or built some upgrades. This has been corrected, and some players may find that the recalculation has increased their level.
  - Outpost maps have had their defending walker positions adjusted.
      - Attackers will have a little more room between them and the defending special walkers at the start of a raid.
      - Players are advised to manage their Outposts and make sure that their special walkers are placed as they desire.
  - The minimum number of defending walkers was not migrated properly for all players, and this has been corrected. Players should now always face at least 6 defending walkers when they raid any Outpost.

Some traits have been improved or redesigned:

  - Rick:
      - The previous trait “Take Cover” has been removed.
      - Rick now has the new trait "Close Call: Your survivors' attacks deal more damage if the target is next to an ally.”
  - Michonne’s “Thinning the Herd” now works as follows: “Your team's melee kills have a chance of reducing threat and a chance of regaining an action point.”
      - The chance of gaining the extra action point is added to any chance of Swift Strike your other survivors may have.
  - Charging: This trait now works as follows: “chance to get an extra charge point from a kill and charge attacks deal more damage.”
  - Power Strike: This trait now works as follows: “Attacks made on your turn deal more damage and have a better critical chance if you have not moved.”
  - Jesus’s and Abraham’s Leader Traits had incomplete text. These Leader Traits also improve the Health of melee and ranged survivors [respectively]. This health bonus has been in the game since the introduction of these heroes, but the tooltip text for their traits has been corrected.


  - Guild information and leaderboards are now available when a Challenge is not currently active.
  - Equipment cards in the Workshop screen, Hero information screen, and all areas where loot is shown now feature the icon for the class of survivor that can use them
  - A counter that shows the number of pieces of equipment you possess is shown in the Workshop screen.
      - The limit for total quantity of equipment is 300 pieces. This includes all types of weapons and armor.
      - If you end your gameplay session with more than 300 pieces of equipment in your inventory, the lowest-level, least-rare pieces will be automatically scrapped and converted to XP.
      - Since this scrapping happen while the player is not playing, the player will not see a notification of exactly which pieces were automatically scrapped. Therefore, it is strongly advised that players near the limit make the decisions about gear scrapping themselves.
  - If a player raids an Outpost and claims the flag but completes neither of the other goals before the mission is completed through time or by retreating, the match will appear as a ‘Draw’ in the Outpost log. No rewards or Influence changes occur in the case of a Draw, and the shield preventing further attacks on that player’s Outpost is not triggered.
  - The camera in-game will no longer automatically center on a survivor that the player taps on when that survivor starts the turn near the edge of the screen.
      - Players can still center the camera on any survivor who has not completed their turn by tapping on the portrait on the left side of the screen.
  - The Team Selection Screen before missions now includes the Class Sorting buttons to make it easier to find the right survivors for the mission.
  - The Trade Goods Shop displays the item being bought when confirming a purchase.


  - Killing a defending Hero character in an Outpost Raid now awards XP [bug fix], and Hero defenders in Outpost Raids are worth more XP than non-hero defenders.
  - Hard Scavenge missions now provide more Supplies, XP, Phone, and Gas in the crates at the end of the mission, and the Gear found in these crates will be more rare more often.


  - The Alexandria Challenge mission set has been added. Good luck cleaning up the neighborhood!
  - New Scavenge maps have been added.
      - Altogether, 48 total Scavenge Mission layouts are available to players.
  - A few previously-existing Scavenge maps have been tweaked.

Under the Hood

Veteran users may notice some subtle changes to aspects of the game. While these do not directly affect gameplay or rewards, players may find it useful to know that these features have been worked on, and additional future work may be forthcoming:

  - Delivery of in-game ads in the Cinema and after missions has been re-implemented.
  - Guild and Challenge Leaderboards are reimplemented using new software.
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