Make our Radios (and Tokens) more valuable!!

I have been advocating for this for a while, so not sure if I've posted this here yet, but here goes.

I have a couple ideas for making our radios more valuable.

1. Allow us to choose which Survivor Traits to upgrade. There are some survivors on my roster that I would like to upgrade some of the traits on. However, in order to upgrade the Traits I like (dodge, lucky, etc.), I often have to upgrade traits that I don't want upgraded (like Defensive Stance).

So, to upgrade Lucky and Bullet Dodge, I have to spend 500 class tokens upgrading Defensive Stance and Vigilant. It would be awesome to be able to skip the Traits I don't want to upgrade.

Additionally (and probably slightly more complicated), I'd like to see a change to how Survivors can be promoted. Instead of needing to upgrade each trait to the same level prior to promotion eligibility, how about allowing us to keep upgrading only the traits we want to, and then calculate promotion eligibility based on the total sum of the trait levels.

So, if we got a rare survivor from a call (3 level 2 traits, currently need 3 level 3 traits to promote, or 9 total "Trait Levels"), I think it would be great if we could upgrade, as an example, one trait to level 3 then 4 then 5 (at a cost of 60/120/250 tokens), but keep the other two Traits at level 2. That would still give us 9 total "Trait Levels", then allow us to promote the Survivor to Epic for 120 Tokens.

2. The special Hero calls gots ta go. Well, not go, but please make them into a version of the Golden Call, even if they cost 20 radios.

Thanks for reading!


  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    @OneLessTitan it would be really cool if we could choose which survivor traits we want to upgrade first.

    +1 from me on this thread :)
  • MovadoMovado Member Posts: 863
    edited November 2016
    What about at the higher pink-star ranges, or are you proposing that traits can go above lvl 10 if we choose to isolate an individual trait to be eligible for the higher promotions? What about players that had already invested in the upgrades based on current system? (i.e. a begrudging Defensive-stance of lvl 8 or 9); to get a "do-over?"

    Although I like your proposal, this would seem to require a huge revamping of the system amongst players that are at varying progressions of the game/upgrades. Or am I misinterpreting the proposed concept?
  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    Very good point @Movado

    I just liked the idea of choosing which traits to level 1st.... like being able to prioritize which trait I want to level up first and continue on from there. I would eventually level all of the traits cuz I don't believe there is really a "bad" trait. I have favourite traits :)
  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,424
    Can I have half of your tokens @OneLessTitan
    Elder of dragons weyr a top USA guild
  • OneLessTitanOneLessTitan Member Posts: 1,273
    @Movado - Like every other change in the game, those who have already invested resources in something that is changed are probably just out of luck (like when the Survivor Max Level was removed, and people who retired previously outdated Survivors felt screwed). It's just part of things changing, and if they want to "rollback" your progress, I have no issues, but that's not for me to decide.

    @Lucille896425 - I've been hoarding those tokens for a long time, and apparently that stash is going to grow bigger with no new traits in 2.3! My Hunters are quality, but not good enough to invest the tokens in until I get a better than 50/50 chance of not getting Defensive Stance or Vigilant when promoting a Hunter to Legendary.
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